mono one-click sites win industry excellence award for innovation

October 11 2016

Copenhagen, DK: Last week Mono Solutions attended the SIINDA hosted LocalReach conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia where it was announced that Mono One-Click Sites won a SIINDA Industry Excellence Award in the category Business to Business. 

Mono One-Click Sites

Mono One-Click Sites supports the fully-automated creation of high-quality websites at scale. This new technology enables SMB service providers to leverage existing structured content to create search-engine friendly and fully-responsive websites in just seconds using the Mono API. One-Click Sites are an efficient way to help SMBs get online with a professional website requiring minimal investment by service providers.

“At Mono, we focus on innovation that serves the needs of SMBs and helps our reselling partners. One of the biggest challenges in helping SMBs get online is content gathering and high cost of production, so an important goal for us is to increase efficiency and profitability for our partners while making it easy and affordable for SMBs to get a high-quality website.“

- Louise Lachmann, CEO of Mono Solutions

SMBs benefit from One-Click Sites

Mono is bringing SMBs up-to-speed with modern website requirements, including the Google algorithm, to avoid being overlooked by potential customers online. With traditional websites, SMBs need to spend time and money on producing and gathering content for a website. With One-Click Sites, the requirements for SMBs to get online are much lower making it easier to get online and it empowers SMBs to improve their placement within search results to drive more prospective customers to their site and their business. 

Mono partners are growing with One-Click Sites
With automated website creation and the ability for content to be centrally managed, this makes One-Click Sites fast to build and easy to manage at a low cost, thus increasing margins for the service provider. 

Mono partners who are selling One-Click Sites are experiencing stunning results, with one partner exceeding their sales expectations with 20% in less than three months of selling One-Click Sites. Their SMB customers are reporting back that the sites exceed their expectations and suit their needs perfectly, and the partner expects a 20% conversion rate as a result. 

The One-Click Sites product truly proves its potential and profitability at high volume as the high degree of automation drives down cost while the margin stays high. This makes One-Click Sites a great business generator and growth model.


Mono is extremely honoured to receive this award and we thank all of those who made it possible - especially the hardworking Mono team. We would also like to extend a big congratulation to the other winners at SIINDA, including FCR Media Group, Müller Medien and BFB BestMedia4Berlin. We are thrilled to be partnering with innovative companies such as yours!

Finally, a big thank you to the SIINDA team for hosting yet another great event in Ljubljana this year. We are already looking forward to next event!

SIINDA industry excellence award 2016

About the SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards

The SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards have ten different categories and the nominees were judged by an independent panel of industry experts to honor the very best technology and sales solutions in the SMB marketing services space. 

In the Business to Business category, the judges were looking for: "Businesses and products dealing with business-to-business relations within voice, online, mobile, or print. Innovation in business models, products or services: Any new or changed business model, product or service in the business-to-business sector. The model should enhance an existing service, provide a new service, create a new market demand, contribute to the demand in a current market, and lead to better customer satisfaction or be at the leading edge of innovation."

Line Nymand Juliussen

Marketing Project Manager

Mono Solutions

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