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Julianna Carlson-van Kleef  |  19/07/2023

The benefits of using a multi-site administration tool

Understand the benefits of using a multi-site management solution when administering websites at scale.

What is a multi-site administration tool?

A multi-site administration tool is the control center where all customer accounts, websites, domains, subscriptions, and templates can be efficiently created and managed; activity logs are monitored, granular team and end-user role site access and permissions are set; and sites are assigned to team members for effective fulfilment workflows.




Who can a multi-site administration tool help? 

Multi-site administration can be a real game-changer for those offering digital marketing services, such as agencies and digital service providers, who oversee many client websites and accounts. A multi-site administration solution can help these website resellers as a common problem among them is that website management is too time-consuming.  
If a website reseller has a smaller client base, it may be manageable to administer accounts without a dedicated tool in the beginning. However, without a proper multi-site administration solution, it will get to a point where website resellers will have a hard time scaling their business due to these issues.




How many sites can be managed with a multi-site administration tool? And do the sites need to be similar in style?

Not all multi-site administration tools are the same. Some multi-site administration tools are more limited in the capacity and scope of the type and number of sites that can be managed, as these are geared more towards managing a few similar sites created by the same developer or team.  
However, there are also multi-site administration solutions on the market for digital service providers who need to manage thousands of unrelated websites with different designs and from different creators.  
For example, Mono’s no-code multi-site administration tool, Reseller Admin Interface (RAI), was built to automate time-consuming processes and help digital service providers quickly create, manage and provision client websites at scale.  
Whether a reseller has hundreds or tens of thousands of sites, they can quickly utilize powerful filters to view sites based on fulfilment stage category, subscription type, which user the website is assigned to, and much more.  




How can a multi-administration tool benefit my business?

General benefits of a dedicated website management tool include: 


• Centralized site management:

Centralized site management helps reduce friction and time-consuming processes, as well as streamlines administrative tasks. With a single dashboard, website resellers can create, manage and provision all client accounts, websites, and subscriptions with ease. Tasks that may have required tedious individual updates on each and every site before, can now be accomplished in one go with a multi-site tool.  


• Improved team member overview:

Many website builders offer a variety of team roles and permissions, but some multi-site management tools allow for even more extensive team roles and permissions.


For example, in Mono’s multi-site administration tool, website resellers can assign over 10 different user roles with varying permissions to their team; including roles such as admin, fulfilment, SEO, website content update, designer, viewer and more.  


In addition to these team member roles, website resellers can also assign user roles for Mono’s website builder, Mono Editor, to their end-user customers. Mono has created a number of generic user roles that can easily be applied to websites, but website resellers can also create their own fully customizable end user roles – and as many as needed.


These customizable roles give website resellers the option to lock down or open up certain parts of the Mono Editor, meaning they can decide and control what each role will be able – and not be able – to do when logged into Mono Editor.


• Streamlined workflows:  

Simplify data sharing and website administration processes with a multi-site management solution. With centralized site management platforms, website resellers do not have to worry about an endless amount of login information – as the team will not have to make new usernames and passwords to access each and every site.  


And with the ability to create a library of templates ready for the team to use, the website reseller team already has a great starting point when building a site. Another feature that multi-site management solutions should offer is the ability to assign a site to a team member in order to maintain an overview of the fulfilment processes when building sites at scale.  


• Affordability: 

Streamlining administrative tasks, improving workflows, automating time-consuming processes, and the ability to build and share templates within the organization are all key factors in reducing the cost of ownership of websites and making them more affordable – both to website resellers and their end-user customers.


• Scalability: 

First and foremost, a website reseller using the right multi-site management solution for their company will have an easier time trying to scale. If a website reseller has many different team members and anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of sites, a robust multi-site tool should be used to support their website management needs. 
This dedicated tool will make it easier for a website reseller to scale – as the time spent on tedious tasks has been minimized and other administrative processes have been optimized. Resources previously spent on the daunting task of time-consuming account management can now be used on other tasks – such as looking at which accounts could be contacted with upsell opportunities.  
In Mono’s Reseller Admin Interface, for example, website resellers can quickly filter websites based on subscription type. That is to say, website resellers can see what add-on products an SME end-user has in addition to their website. Website resellers can then see which potential add-on products could be of interest to different customers. 
Or another example could be if a website reseller wants to target new customers, they can quickly search and filter through existing sites to pick out case studies and best practices examples that can be used for marketing materials.  
Whether targeting new sales or upsells (or both), using a robust multi-site management solution will make it easier for the website reseller to scale their business.




The Mono multi-site administration solution: 

The Mono platform has been designed to help resellers build and manage websites at scale. Whether you have hundreds or tens of thousands of sites, we have the solution for you.  
Our suite of platforms and products (Reseller Admin Interface, Mono Editor, Mono Customers, Mono On-Site Engagements, Mono Ecommerce+, Mono Cookie Consent, and Mono Extras) allows digital service providers and agencies the ability to build, fulfil, and scale websites quickly and efficiently.   
As a reseller, you will appreciate the powerful multisite account management and editing capabilities at your disposable with our Reseller Admin Interface. With a multitude of clients with different wants and needs for websites, you can quickly assign sites to team members, add site subscriptions, track editing actions and much more. 
Want to take a closer look at our multi-site and website building tools? Get a demo of the Mono Plaform.