Description of Cookiebot integration

Last updated: August, 2023


When a partner enters into an agreement with Mono on provisioning the cookie consent product powered by a Cookiebot integration, the following features and services are provided:

Cookie consent banner provisioning

  • To render the cookie consent banner, Mono bulk updates all existing websites with a domain attached on the partners' account.
  • Every time a new domain is attached to a site, a cookie consent banner and consent widget are provisioned automatically and added to the site.
  • Cookie consent banners and consent widgets are only rendered on the primary domain of a site - not on any secondary domains (as they all point to the primary).

Cookie consent banner features

  • As of the 16th of August 2023, all sites have a new banner design, matching the style of the consent widget.
  • Default standard texts in multiple languages.
  • Multi-category cookies on banner (Necessary, Preferences, Statistics, Marketing).
  • Visitors can accept all, individual categories, or only necessary cookies.
  • Website is automatically scanned for cookies on initial provision and once every month.
  • Cookies are automatically classified into categories.
  • All cookies are automatically described in multiple languages.
  • Cookie consent banner rendering is optimized to have minimal impact on page load speed.

Cookie consent widget

  • A consent widget is automatically added to the website so site visitors can retract or change their consent preferences any time.

Privacy framework compliance

  • GDPR compliance
  • CCPA compliance
  • Real-time geo targeting: Cookie consent banner automatically shows GDPR or CCPA version of banner based on visitor’s IP. People from Californian IPs would see CCPA version; everyone else would see GDPR version.
  • All user consents are automatically logged in an anonymized form and using an encrypted key.

Customization options in the Mono Editor

  • Users can switch on/off the consent widget.
  • Users can select banner position (top or bottom).
  • Users can select banner color theme (light or dark).
  • Users can switch off (hide) the cookie consent banner.

Cookie declaration module

  • For partners who have the cookie consent product enabled on their account, a cookie declaration module will be available in the Editor. It can be inserted on e.g. a privacy policy page and automatically shows a cookie declaration, incl. a list of all cookies and their descriptions. The declaration updates automatically with every cookie scan.

On-demand, complementary services provided by Mono

  • Mono Service Desk can re-categorize cookies on request for individual sites, for example if a user wants a specific cookie moved from the "Preferences" category to the "Necessary" category, etc.
  • Mono Service Desk can re-scan a site for cookies at any time on request.
  • Mono Service Desk can find specific user consents in consent logs within a 12-month period in case a such is needed for legal proceedings.

Support and education resources

Mono provides second-level support to partners that sell the cookie consent product. 

Our partner Cookiebot maintains a comprehsive knowledge base with more information about their technology.

Any integration-specific information will be made available in the Mono Help Center.