White-label website solution for telcos

Add value by integrating small business websites into your telco services.

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Why telcos should upsell websites

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Strong market position

Add website services to strengthen market positioning and diversify your portfolio.

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Extra Revenue

With shrinking margins, expand into digital visibility to generate additional income.

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Growth Opportunities

Many SMBs lack a website or struggle to optimize it. Offering website services can meet this demand.

“As a cloud-native digital services company, Orange truly values websites as a key offering to help SMBs boost their business online.”

Rayane Chawaf
Head of Digital Visibility, Orange

How to start selling websites

1: Choose a platform
Choose a platform such as Mono’s white label website platform.

2: Market & Sell
Market and sell website services to your existing SMB customer base.

3: Rely on experts
Leave the website creation & management to experts by leveraging fulfillment partners


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Why use a white label solution?

Sell Websites Under Your Brand
We deliver the platform. You sell the sites under your brand.

Scalable Solution for Selling Websites
Manage hundreds of client websites effortlessly.

Rely on Expert Partners
Let the provider stay up-to-date with tech and design, while you focus on your core business.


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A white label provider can stay up-to-date on design, user requirements, SEO, accessibility, and compliance, so you don’t have to.

Why Mono?

The Leading European Website Platform for Telcos

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Strong technology

Including mobile responsiveness and modern designs.

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Native B2B Solution

Mono is one of the few white label providers focused primarily on B2B.

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Fulfillment Partners

Mono collaborates with fulfilment experts who can build the websites for you.

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Fully White-Label

Your brand will be the only one visible to users. Included in the Platform at no extra cost.

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Integrate your systems. For example, let user access Mono through your system or integrate your domain registry.

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Competitive Pricing

Mono’s competitive pricing allows you to offer attractive retail prices to your customers.

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Mono is dedicated to GDPR compliance and accessibility.

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Agile and Adaptable

Mono’s small, agile structure can quickly adapt to the requirements of large telcos.

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An expert on digital visibility

Leverage Mono’s infrastructure and expertise. Let us be the experts on websites.

How Orange S.A. leverages the Mono White Label Website Platform to sell websites at scale.

Telcos can use SMB websites as an upsell path.

One of Mono’s partners, Orange, is doing just that.

Let’s look at how Orange drives extra revenue by selling websites at scale.

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Service model:

Do It With Me

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Products in use: 

Cookie Consent, SSLs

Orange S.A. is a leading telecommunications operator and digital service provider.

In 2009, Orange moved from serving as a pure telecommunications provider to offering IT services.

As Orange’s website sales grew, their previous platform proved too inefficient, manual and limited.

Instead they wanted an affordable, scalable and agile white label solution provider.

They migrated to Mono because it was a fully white label native B2B platform, GDPR-focused, API-enabled and an expert on digital visibility.

They partnered with a Mono fulfilment partner to build out the websites they sold.

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“Combined with their brilliant execution, perfectly designed websites and high performance technology, we’re truly proud of our lasting partnership to help SMBs succeed online.”

Rayane Chawaf
Head of Digital Visibility, Orange

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