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Get inspired and stay up-to-date on the latest trends within SMB digital marketing, industry research, reports and more.

Webinar: Introducing Mono Email Marketing

Webinar: Introducing Mono x Ecwid E-commerce

In this webinar Mono is excited to introduce our integration with leading e-commerce provider for small businesses, Ecwid.

Webinar: Introducing Mono Email Marketing

Panel session: Websites and SEO-as-a-Service

In this panel session, experts from Mono, Siinda and our sister company Sunrise System share their insight on the importance of websites and SEO in local search. 

Webinar: Introducing Mono Email Marketing

Webinar: Introducing Mono Email Marketing

In this webinar Mono is excited to introduce Mono Email Marketing, an easy-to-use email marketing tool specifically designed for small businesses. 

mono website migration whitepaper

White paper: Migrating small business websites at scale

In this white paper, find our more about the important considerations when mass (or bulk) migrating your SMB clients' websites and get more insight to Mono's migration approach. 

Webinar: How to support SMBs & their digital presence during COVID-19

In this webinar,  the Mono Team shares ideas and inspiration on how to boost the business and morale of small business owners as they face lockdowns due to COVID-19. 

Webinar: 2020 Websites Design & SEO Trends

In this webinar, learn more about the more important website design trends to pay attention to in 2020 from Mono's in-house expert. In addition, a special guest from our sister company - Sunrise System share their expertise on the latest trends in SEO. 

Guide: Mono's 2020 Website Design Trends

The Mono Design & Education Team has gathered all of their top trends for small business website in 2020, share their thoughts and design considerations, as well as how to best implement the trends on websites built in the Mono Platform.

Report: The Buy-It-Yourself Future - Is it Already Here? 

In collaboration with Localogy (formerly LSA), we've commissioned a report to better understand where the industry stands today on BIY and what is a likely near- and mid-term future for sales automation in local.


Infographic: 10 tips to engage SMB website visitors

This infographic provide inspiration on how our dynamic feature, Mono On-Site Engagements, can be used to personalize the visitor experience on your SMB clients' websites. 


Report: The Engagement Challenge

In cooperation with the LSA, we've collaborated to put together a report to understand why small businesses fail to use their business software to its full potential..


Report: Meet the New Small Business SaaS Customer

In cooperation with the LSA and TAI, we've commissioned a report to understand today's business owner and how they buy SaaS.


Report: The Local Data Hub

With the help of the LSA, we've commissioned a report to help understand how data on websites can help drive business for SMBs.


Infographic: Guide to selling modern websites

In this infographic, get inspired on what questions to ask SMB clients when selling them a modern website. 


White paper: Voice Search

In this white paper, we tackle the growing impact of voice search, and how this affects SMBs and their websites.


Webinar: Local SEO ranking in 2019 featuring Local SEO Guide

In this webinar, SEO Expert - Andrew Shotland joined us to discuss how changes in local SEO impact SMB websites.


Webinar: How reviews, social and website content impact SEO

In this webinar, we discuss the impacts of reviews, social and website content with our friends at SOCi.