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Description of Ecwid Integration

OUR integration


Last updated: September 2020

Please note that the following information is subject to change. All features and functionality are provided by Ecwid, and are available via integration in the Mono Platform. Specific feature availability can vary by region and countries and are subject to change from time-to-time. Pricing for the following E-commerce Subscriptions Plans are to be agreed to in writing between Parties.

For more on the applicable terms from Ecwid, please see:
United States + EU + Australia

Ecwid E-commerce Subscriptions - Plan overview

OverviewEssentialProfessional Unlimited

- Add up to 100 products

- Sell on Facebook and Instagram

- Chat with customers via Facebook Messenger
- Manage your store on-the-go with a mobile store management app

- Add up to 2,500 products

- Sell on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy*

- Send automatic abandoned cart recovery emails

- Improve product listings with filters, variations, and multi-language display

- Create customer groups to offer special discounts like wholesale and B2B

- Add unlimited products

- Integrate with point-of-sale to sell offline and online simultaneously


Ecwid E-commerce Subscriptions - Sell Everywhere

FeaturesEssentialProfessional Unlimited
Synchronized Storefronts:
With automatic inventory and order synchronization,

SMBs can sell simultaneously across multiple

websites, marketplaces, and offline retail


Mobile Store Management:

Manage stores and sales on-the-go with our

neutral-branded store management app for iOS and



Facebook Shop:

Synchronize a store to a Facebook business page,

where SMBs see an average 15% revenue increase


Instagram Shoppable Posts:

Add pricing and product details directly to Instagram

posts, and reach more of Instagram’s 1 billion users


Facebook Messenger:

Add a chat button to a storefront or product page to

stay in touch with customers, communicate more

efficiently, and remind shoppers about special offers

Amazon and eBay*:

Marketplace integrations let SMBs list products and

sync orders and inventory to their store


Point of Sale**:

Seamless synchronization with Square, Clover, and

Vend means SMBs can sell online and offline



Ecwid E-commerce Subscriptions - Store Setup and Management

FeaturesEssentialProfessional Unlimited

Automatic Updates:

As a cloud-based service, updates are taken care of

automatically without disruption to business


Responsive Design:

Stores will display seamlessly across desktop, tablet,

and mobile so SMBs can reach customers wherever

they are shopping


Built-In Storefront Translations:

Stores can be translated into over 45 different

languages, so customers can shop around the world


Single-Page Checkout:

Enjoy less cart abandonment and more sales with a

simple and transparent single-page checkout


Payment Gateways:

With over 40 different integrated payments including

localized options, SMBs can securely accept

payments however they choose


Shipping Options:

Select rates and carriers based on SMB preferences

and customer needs. Real-time shipping rates let

customers see costs based on location.


Automatic Tax Calculation:

Fully automated tax rate calculation allows SMBs in

the U.S., Canada, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand

to set up tax rates in just one click


Product Filters:
Add product options and features so customers can easily navigate stores


Multi-Language Products: Perfect for global markets and multilingual countries. Once set up, the store will detect and display the preferred language of customers’ browsers.



Ecwid E-commerce Subscriptions - Marketing

FeaturesEssentialProfessional Unlimited

Facebook Pixel:

Install a Facebook tracking pixel, no coding required.

Track store visitors and monitor their behaviors.


Google Shopping:

With fully automated Google Shopping ads, it’s

easier than ever to get products to the top of

Google’s search results


Discount Coupons:

Build customer loyalty and increase sales by offering

coupon codes for discounts or free shipping



Add a Pinterest analytics tag and start remarketing to

visitors and act-alike audiences. Plus, there’s no

coding required.



Add the Snapchat pixel to advertise products, get

info about who is clicking and purchasing from ads,

and target similar Snapchat users.


Customer Groups:

Organize customers into groups by different criteria

(wholesale clients, B2B, VIP customers, etc.) to give a

special storewide discount to the group members.


Abandoned Cart Recovery:

Set up automatic emails that track and remind

customers about items they left in their cart - one of

the best ways to convert sales



Ecwid E-commerce Subscriptions - Top Features Driving Sales and Upgrades

FeaturesEssentialProfessional Unlimited
Sell on FacebookYesYesYes
Instragram ShoppingYesYesYes
Auto-abandoned cart recovery YesYes
Discount couponsYesYesYes
Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay)* YesYes
Automatic taxes YesYes
Product filters YesYes
Product variations YesYes
SEO fieldsYesYesYes
Shipping per productYesYesYes
Facebook MessengerYesYesYes
Scheduled pick upYesYesYes
Point-of-sale integration  Yes
Customer groups YesYes
Multilingual storefronts YesYes
Unlimited products  Yes


*Only available for US-based small businesses. Available via third-party app for small businesses elsewhere.

**Please check regional availability of each individual POS on:

Ecwid E-commerce Support & Education Resources

Mono provides 2nd level support to partners that resell Ecwid E-commerce. 

The Ecwid E-commerce solution comes with a white-label academy that partners may use for their small business clients.

Any integration-specific information will be made available in Mono Academy.