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Become the one-stop provider of digital solutions for your small business customers by delivering websites and other digital presence products at scale

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Our all-in-one platform for digital service providers to build and sell websites and other digital products at scale

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Boost customer engagement with our SME-friendly website builder. Adapt the interface to the skill level of the end-user, increasing product adoption, customer satisfaction and overall digital success.

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Let us guide you to success! Take advantage of our partner-driven organization, as well as our white-label marketing collateral, lead generation tools, best practices and more.


Establish your digital agency as the single provider for your customers’ digital needs and boost ARPU with our suite of digital add-ons, including email marketing, e-commerce and more!

Two ways to sell


Sell websites as a collaborative approach. Help your customers along the way.


Full-service solution with help every step of the way from a digital professional.

Achieve quicker fulfillment 

Digital agencies need to produce a very high number of quality websites for a wide range of different customers, juggling multiple projects at the same time, while having to be experts on everything digital. Let us focus on providing a strong white-label platform, so you only need to focus on fulfilling sites.

"As a cloud-native digital services company, Orange truly values websites as a key offering to help SMBs boost their business online. We found that the great Mono Solutions team shared this vision, and combined with their brilliant execution, perfectly designed websites and high performance technology, we’re truly proud of our lasting partnership to help SMBs succeed online."

Rayane Chawaf

Head of Digital Visibility Services

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