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Description of solutions 

Last updated: August 2020

A. Solutions Description: The Solutions shall be comprised of the following:

  1. Use of the Mono editing tool, pursuant to which Company can design or enable its Customers to design websites, which may include CRM, E-mail Marketing, E-Commerce, Scheduling and On-Site engagement functionality;
  2. Mono shall ensure that Company has the use of a white label instance of all Customer facing interfaces and platforms including the editing tools and any dashboards that are included in the Solutions, as made generally available by Mono from time to time. The Company’s white label environment shall enable the creation and editing of sites in any language supported by the Solutions
  3. Use of the Mono reseller administration interface (RAI), extranet services and Approved APIs, pursuant to which Company can administer and manage the accounts of its Customers utilizing the Solutions, including set-up, billing, renewals, data import and export, and integration with Company’s own systems and utilities, as well as setting user permissions for Company Designated Users and Customers; 
  4. Hosting of the websites, Customer Data and Company Data, in a managed server environment in accordance with the Service Level Agreement, subject at all times to the right of Company to select an alternative hosting platform for use of certain portions of the Solutions. 
  5. Support for the Solutions in accordance with the Service Level Agreement. Company shall be responsible for 1st and 2nd level support to its Customers and Mono shall be responsible for 3rd level support responding to the Company (only) according to the Service Level Agreement. 
  6. The ability to provide its existing and prospective Customers with free trial periods for certain of the Solutions for free trial periods of up to sixty (60) days (“Free Trial Services”). In connection with the Free Trial Services, the Company shall utilize such free trial periods in good faith and only for the purpose of inducing Customers to purchase access to the Solutions. Regardless of whether the sixty (60) day free trial period has lapsed, the Parties agree that once the Company starts charging a Customer for a Solution, the Solution provided on a free trial basis will thereafter be included in the calculation of Fees payable pursuant to Section 3 of the Agreement. If a free trial Solution is not closed or converted to a paid Solution upon the end of the sixty (60) day free trial period, such Solution will automatically be terminated and Company Data shall be deleted or returned to the Company at the request of the Company as set out in the DPA. During a free trial period, Mono shall act in good faith to support the full use of and access to the Solutions in the same manner it does for paying Customers of Company for the purpose of enabling the effective launch of a Customer’s use of a Solution to coincide with the completion of construction of same and to market such services to its Customers or prospective Customers, subject at all times to the terms of the Agreement, including without limitation, the EULA Requirements.




For clarity, the Third Party Services and any Technology provided in connection with such Third Party Services shall not be included in the Solutions described herein.

Description of solutions (DIY)

Last updated: December 2020

  1. Any End-user provisioning the Mono DIY Services from Reseller shall be afforded a free thirty (30) day trial in which such End-user may use the Mono DIY Services to create a website or other digital property available through such Mono DIY Services (the “Free Trial Period”). 
  2. After the Free Trial Period, each such End-user will have a period thirty (30) days to upgrade to a paid version of the Mono DIY Services (or the Mono DIFM Service if applicable) or such End-user’s access to the Mono DIY Services will be terminated.  If the End-user elects to upgrade to a paid version of the Mono DIY Services, such End-user shall be invoiced for the Mono DIY Services in accordance with the provisions and terms set forth on the Reseller’s white-labelled version of the End-user interface for the Mono DIY Services (or the Mono DIFM Service if applicable), which terms shall be set by Reseller in its sole discretion, subject at all times to the terms of the Agreement and the EULA requirements set forth therein.
  3. In the event the End-user does not upgrade to a paid version of the Mono DIY Services or, if applicable, a paid version of the Mono DIFM Service at the end of the sixty (60) day period, no charges shall be assessed such End-user and such End-user shall not be considered for purposes of calculating the fees payable to Mono.

Included in the Mono DIY Service is:


Mono Quick Creator

  • Account creation is done via API
  • Template ID is carried over via API
  • Business information step
  • Quick styling step

Mono Editor

  • The features and functions included in the editor are described in ‘Mono DIY Editor Features’
  • Access to the DIY Mono Editor is granted. This includes the ability for users to
    • Basic design changes
    • Quick styling of font & color
    • Change themes
    • Add predefined rows
  • Included as part of the Mono DIY Service are DIY-specific functionalities:
    • Dashboard (incl. Statistics and dynamic tiles - upgrade, help center, domains, upgrade to DIFM and other products & services)
    • Upgrade prompts (dynamic prompts across Editor to promote upgrade from trial to paid, Starter to Standard, paid to DIFM)
    • Account Center
      • Profile (user and business details)
      • Plans (current plan, upgrade possibilities)
      • Transactions (order history)
      • Domain management (domain provisioning, point domain, manage domain)
      • Billing method (current billing method, update billing method) 
    • Suspend accounts, if (a) 30-day trial expires, (b) if user payment method is rejected
  • For more details, on what is included in the DIY free trial user role, please see Mono DIY Editor Features list.

White-label DIY version of Mono Academy knowledge base


  • Mailchimp: The Mono DIY Service includes a simple integration with Mailchimp. Users are created as subscribers in Mailchimp for drip campaign and marketing purposes. Three types of users tags are available: trial, free, paid, trial - expired. Mono does not maintain the Mailchimp account, but simply offers an integration for the reselling partner.
  • Stripe: The Mono DIY Service includes an integration to Stripe for accepting secure payments via credit card. Mono does not maintain the Stripe account, but simply offers an integration for the reselling partner. 

Mono DIY Editor Features

  Free trial editor features
General designGlobal DesignNo
Quick StylingYes
Change website themeYes
Viewport-specific stylingNo
Pages and languagesAdd/delete/rearrange/duplicate pagesYes
Add and edit website languagesYes
Add SEO meta information to pagesYes
Create navigation link (menu jump)No
Hide pagesNo
Hide header and footer on pagesNo
Create password-protected pagesNo
RowsAdd new, pre-built rowYes

Edit row design (background, border, spacing)

Copy, duplicate, move and delete rowYes
Switch between fixed and fluid rowsYes
Enable desktop column stackingYes
Enable "place row behind header" featureNo
Use row anchorsYes
Add animation on rowYes
Add Row SliderYes
Equalize columns within rowNo
Hide row on various viewportsYes
ColumnsAdd new columnNo
Resize columnNo
Copy, duplicate, move and delete columnNo
Style column backgroundYes
Style column border and spacingNo
Add animation on columnYes
Hide column on various viewportsNo

Text and structure modules

Link & downloadYes
Icon listYes

Visual modules

Image listYes

Page navigation modules

Button 1-3Yes
Vertical navigationNo
Navigation (header and footer only)Yes
Breadcrumb (header and footer only)Yes

Language selector (header and footer only)


Page layout modules


Social media modules

Social media linksYes
Facebook modulesYes
Instagram embedYes
Twitter modulesYes
Linkedin shareYes
Email shareYes

Blog modules

Blog catalogYes

Company information modules

Opening hoursYes
Open nowYes
Digital business cardYes

Customer engagement modules

Form 1-2Yes
Mailchimp formYes
Email signup formYes
User login (header and footer only)Yes
Products and services modulesPayment iconsYes
Paypal buttonYes
Price listYes

Scheduling modules

Timify buttonYes
Scheduling buttonYes
Editing modules

Basic design on individual modules (sizing, alignment, etc.)


Advanced design on individual modules (background, spacing, etc.)


Copy, duplicate, move, and delete modules

Add animations on modulesYes
Hide modules on various viewportsNo
Editor settingsChange Editor interface languageYes
Change date and time formatsNo
Generate public preview linkNo
Google PageSpeed optimizationNo
Add Global HTML tagsNo

Sync website with Google Analytics account

Add favicon imageYes
Enable cookie notification bannerYes
Add https redirect (SSL)No
Automatic language detectionYes
Lazy loading image on websiteNo
Enable age verification stepNo

Automatically publish website if Global Data is updated through third party (e.g. Yext or Facebook)

Enable social media opt-inNo
Content and Global DataGlobal DataYes
File ManagerYes
Set up 301 redirectsYes
SEO checkerYes
Other features

Quick creatorYes
Assistant widget (in-Editor help)Yes

Link to knowledge base from within the Editor


List of keyboard shortcuts accessible from within the Editor

Can preview websiteYes
Can publish websiteYes
Upgrade buttonYes
Account Center - Profile PageYes
Account Center - Plans pageYes
Account Center - Transactions page (invoices)Yes
Account Center - Domain management pageYes
Account Center - Billing method pageYes


Third-party integrations

Last updated: September 2020

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