In 2007 the web was a much different place than it is today. Large corporations paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for custom websites (okay, they still do). But what about the small business? There was a clear need in the market to help SMEs. Mono was founded in 2007 on the belief that all SMEs, despite small budgets and lack of expertise, deserve the same level of website design and performance as larger companies.

We started by launching the market’s easiest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tool, using the concept of building a website much like you’d build a house with LEGOs.

Mono was so far ahead of its time, it was featured on Danish TV!

But over the next few years we realized, just like so many SMEs do, they need help. So in 2011, we shifted our focus to a partner driven, Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) model and enriched the platform to best support websites sold at scale. Today, we know that small business owners are more engaged in their digital presence than ever before. That is why we've launched the ultimate platform for a Do-It-With-Me (DIWM) model to give our partners the best technology to work together with their SME clients to drive more online success.

In 2019, Mono joined the Bauer Media Group to further strengthen its mission of providing its partners the best technology to serve their SME clients at scale.

On 1st of June 2022, the ownership of Mono was transferred to an affiliate of Ten Oaks Group to further expand and grow Mono's service offerings.   

Today, Mono empowers over 70 digital service providers across 35 markets around the world. 

Mono Solutions has won several industry awards for innovation, presence management and best SME service of the year. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We pride ourselves on being a vibrant and fun company full of creative and driven individuals. Interested in joining our team? Check out Mono Careers to see what positions we have available.