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Our story


A ground-breaking website builder

In 2007, large corporations could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for custom websites, but what about the small business?

Mono was founded in 2007 on the belief that all SMEs, despite small budgets and lack of expertise, deserve the same level of website design and performance as larger companies. We started by launching the market’s easiest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tool, using the concept of building a website much like you’d build a house with LEGOs.


Building websites at scale

But over the next few years we realized that the SMEs needed help with their websites. So in 2011, we shifted our focus to a partner driven, Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) model and enriched the platform to best support websites sold at scale. 

Today, we know small business owners want to be engaged in their digital presence. That is why we launched a white label Do-It-With-Me (DIWM) model to give our partners the best technology to work together with their SME clients to drive online success.


Serving partners all over the world

In 2019, Mono joined the Bauer Media Group to further strengthen its mission of providing its partners the best technology to serve their SME clients at scale.

On 1st of June 2022, the ownership of Mono was transferred to an affiliate of Ten Oaks Group to further expand and grow Mono's service offerings.   

Today, Mono empowers over 70 digital service providers across 30+ markets around the world. 


Throwback to early Mono

Mono has been in business since 2007. Even back then, Mono was ahead of the curve. The first version of the website platform was something new on the market, and got us a feature on Danish TV.

The european white label website platform

Build and sell 
SMB websites at scale

Mono offers the ultimate platform for building, managing and selling white-label websites and other digital offerings, including e-commerce, Cookie Consent and more, at scale. Today, we work with more than 70+ partners in more than 30 markets worldwide to empower small businesses in the digital landscape, and make it easy for them to engage with their customers online. 

Partner with Mono

The european white label website platform

More than just a website builder

At Mono, we believe that our partners have an important role to play in making an SMB’s digital presence truly successful. Today, a truly valuable website offering goes beyond technology, and encompasses service as a means to drive online success. That's why we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of tools and products you need, from client management tool, to a Quick Creator sales tool and Cookie Consent. 

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Partnership across industries

Mono is dedicated to a partner-first approach in serving small businesses. We work with reselling partners across different industries, including directories, media & publishing, hosting, telcos and more, that have a strong connection and dedication to empowering small businesses.

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5 reasons to partner with Mono

White label solution

Fulfil beautiful and modern client websites fast and efficiently with Mono's streamlined white label website builder. 

Partner-first approach

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our partners get all the operational, sales and marketing enablement needed to succeed.

Best-in-class technology

Don’t worry about tech - we’ve got you covered on all the latest performance optimizations, tech trends, hosting and more.

World-class support 

Let our inspirational Mono Education team get you started. Still got questions? The Mono Service Desk is ready to support you.

Easy client management

Manage thousands of customer websites, teams, accounts and templates in agency friendly dashboard.


Who we work with

Mono works with more than 70 partners across different industries in 30+ markets. From directories, media & publishers to telcos & hosters, we’re always looking for new partnerships with digital service providers that sell, build and manage websites at scale

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