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Need help with your Mono website, or do you have feedback? Send us a message, submit a ticket, give us feedback or find answers in our extensive help center.

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Get answers to your questions on the extensive Mono Help Centre. There you can find guides on everything from how to create a new row in the Editor to how to set up a new subscription in RAI.


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Need a quick guide on a specific question? Maybe you can find the answer in our Quick Tip section. Every month, we publish a mini tutorial on something our partners have asked us about. 


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Need help with a specific question, report a bug or request a feature? Reach out to our support team directly by logging a support ticket. 


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Partnership across industries

Mono is dedicated to a partner-first approach. We work with reselling partners across different industries, including directories, media & publishing, hosting, telcos and more.

How to submit a support ticket

Access the support portal

To access Mono's service desk, simply log in at:

The Mono Team sets all new partners up on the service desk. If you are unsure about login credentials, reach out to your team for access. 

Select ticket type

Select the type of request you want to submit:

Technical support, Report a bug, 
Suggest feature or improvement, or Billing and product questions.

Describe your request

Enter a thorough description of the request, include screenshots or videos.

Please also let us know which site(s) your request is in regard to.

Create your request 

Create your request. You have the option of sharing the request with your organization or label it a Private Request, which means that it will only be visible to you.

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Once you’ve created your request, you’ll receive an email with your request ID.

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We would be honored if you could take a moment to share your experience with us. Whether it's a memorable interaction with our team, a positive outcome from using our product, or how our service has made a difference in your life or business, we want to hear about it! Your testimonial could help others make informed decisions about choosing Mono and the solutions we offer.


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