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At Mono, we believe the future is collaborative, and that small businesses will prefer a do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach where they can work hand-in-hand with their service providers to succeed online.

What is
do-it-with-me (DIWM)?

Some small businesses lack the time and know-how to build a website on their own. Mono DIWM takes a collaborative approach, giving the small business the freedom to control their digital presence, while giving them access to the expertise of their provider.

5 ways to collaborate with SMEs

Initial website creation

Some SMEs have prepared visuals - but no copy, or vice versa. Collaboration is key to ensuring the finished website reflects the SME brand.

Get started with online booking

Setting up online booking can be tricky. Help with set up of services and staff, but let the business owner manage the daily incoming bookings.

Set up e-commerce for SMEs

Offer a helping hand with setup of products, shipping and payment options, but let business owners manage incoming orders.

Advanced form building

Form fills are valuable. Help SMBs identify what data is needed, how to collect it and how to manage the data in Mono Customers.

Engaging copywriting

Offer support on writing engaging copy for their blog or email marketing, and guide them on publishing a post or hitting send on a newsletter.

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