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Julianna Carlson-van Kleef  |  12/07/2023

How using white label solutions can benefit your business

Understand the benefits of using white label solutions in terms of saving time, reducing costs, and much more.

What is a white label solution?

A white label solution is where one company creates a product or service and then sells this product or service to another company. This product or service can then be rebranded and sold under the new company’s name, logo and brand.



What are the benefits of a white label solution?

A white label solution, be it a product or service, can offer a business a variety of intertwined benefits. Some advantages of a white label solution include that it is scalable, customizable, more cost-effective, it better allocates experts and resources, mitigates risk, and saves time.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits a white label solution can offer.



A white label solution is: 

• A proven, less risky solution 

A white label solution allows the reseller to test new markets, product lines, or service offerings with a proven, pre-existing solution – instead of starting from square one.  
For example, a white label website builder allows digital service providers and agencies to offer website creation services under their own brand to their customers, without having to take the risk of investing significant amounts of time and resources into building and designing websites from scratch.  



• A cost-effective solution: 

Utilizing white label offerings can save resellers both time and money. 
For example, an agency or digital service provider making use of a white label website builder will save on the cost of infrastructure by eliminating the need for extensive development. Using a website builder is cheaper than building sites from scratch. This is especially true when using a website builder designed for quick fulfilment, as this can further cut costs by cutting build times and boosting productivity – and in turn, increasing profit margins. 



• A customizable, brand-building solution:

A white label offering is designed to be easily rebranded, so other businesses can sell the product or service under their own brand identity.  
For example, an agency or digital service provider selling website creation services can update the branding of the editing interface with its own logo, brand colors, brand fonts, and more.



• A resourceful and expert solution:

With a white label solution, you can use products or services specifically designed to fulfil a particular task, as well as access experts your team might not already have on hand.  
For website building software, resellers creating websites can automate processes and use resources more efficiently, so exorbitant website costs can be minimized.  
What’s more, agencies and digital service providers can make use of extensive help centers, tutorial videos, getting started guides, marketing materials, knowledgeable support teams, and more to aid in building and selling websites.



• A time-saving solution: 

Choosing to go the white label route will help you and your company save time, as this pre-existing, quicker-to-market solution will help with a fast launch of products or services, and the time and resources spent on a custom product/service/solution can be redirected towards your and your company’s area of expertise.  
Also, for white label software, the solution itself might be built to automate common processes for its users. For example, a website builder could be designed to speed up website creation and sitewide updates through global data and design to update a change in only place but have it take effect in all applicable areas throughout the site.



• An expanded, scalable solution:

White label solutions allow the reseller to offer their own customers an expanded selection of products or services. The reseller can find products/services/solutions that fit the needs of their customer base, without having to have the resources to create this multitude of products and/or services from the ground up. These expanded offerings can help the end-users scale their business as needed.  
For example, if a reseller works with digital marketing, they can offer additional add-on products to build trust, engage customers, collect leads, monetize a website, and much more from one or more vendors; as part of one singularly branded, expanded offering to their customers. SMEs can then choose which solutions are right for them; whether they want to sell online with ecommerce or make it possible for their own customers to book appointments – or both. 
What’s more is that a white label solution built with resellers in mind can also help resellers address common capacity and management issues. For example, a website builder can also come with a complimentary tool for multisite account management to address issues regarding manual site management and the capacity to do so. So, both resellers and SMEs can scale their business through the products and services offered.  



Another benefit of a white label software solution is: 


• A no-code solution:

White label solutions are generally designed to appeal to a variety of users – no matter their skill level.  
For example, a no-code website builder offers resellers and their clients web design tools and development services without requiring them to know how to code.


Are you in need of a white label website builder solution? We have the singular solution for you: Mono Solutions.



With Mono Solutions, you and your company can:

• Use our tried and tested website building platform to create comprehensive digital solutions for your customers 

• Reduce costs and increase efficiency with the Mono Editor; designed for quick fulfilment, increased productivity, and reduced build times.  

• Customize the Mono Editor to fit your company’s brand. 

• Use a website building tool built to automate processes and reduce redundant tasks, as well as make use of our Partner Support and help center with video and written guides. 

• Save time with our powerful Reseller Admin Interface and Mono Editor tools, designed to help resellers efficiently administer and fulfil websites.  

• Expand your product and service offerings with Mono Editor and the additional suite of Mono products, as well as help scale both your customers’ websites and your capacity to administer and manage your business’ customers.



The Mono White Label Solution:

Mono was founded on the belief that all small businesses deserve the same level of online presence and performance as larger companies. With Mono platforms and products, we want to provide resellers with an all-in-one solution to build and manage customer websites.


Our suite of platforms and products (Reseller Admin Interface, Mono Editor, Mono Customers, Mono On-Site Engagements, Mono Ecommerce+, Mono Cookie Consent, and Mono Extras) allows digital service providers and agencies the ability to build, fulfil, and scale websites quickly and efficiently.  
As a reseller, you will appreciate the powerful multisite account management and editing capabilities at your disposable. With a multitude of clients with different wants and needs for websites, you can quickly assign sites to team members, add site subscriptions, overhaul the look and feel of the site, and track editing actions.  

Want to take a closer look at our website builder? Get a demo of Mono Editor.  


Or want to learn more? Download our free marketing brief about how you can sell Mono Websites to your SMB customers here.