Matt Matergia  |  23/01/2018

5 Types of Data That Should Drive Your Local Digital Marketing Strategy

Originally posted on LSA Insider: Digital marketing is most often based on data-driven decisions. From online behavior (clicks, dwell time, etc.) to complex search algorithms, marketers view almost every online interaction as a piece or source of data. 

But when we talk about data in the local marketing context, what do we mean?

One standard response is the familiar “it depends” (and it really does). Historically local business data has meant name, address and phone number. But access to better technology has enabled us to learn more about online interactions, and the definition of data and the information relevant to local marketing is now evolving and expanding. So, how do these new types of data influence a digital marketing strategy? And what business opportunity does this data present for local marketers?(Continued on the LSA Insider Blog...)

This is an excerpt of the original article posted on the LSA Insider on January 23, 2018. To read the full blog post, visit the LSA Insider Blog.