Jasmine de Guzman  |  16/03/2020

10 ways to support local businesses during Covid-19

With lots of safety precautions being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19, big and small businesses alike are feeling the effects. But as this public health crisis limits the mobility of consumers, many small businesses are at risk of losing their business. Together, we can help keep our favorite local businesses afloat - and we’ve gathered 10 ways you can support local- and small businesses until they can safely re-open to the public:

  1. Buy a gift certificate: Reach out to local businesses and ask if you can support them by buying a gift certificate. Make your payment online or with your local mobile payment app (no in-person contact needed!). This gives your local business some much needed income.
  2. Post reviews: Boost the morale of your favorite small business by letting them know just how much you appreciate them. Post reviews to help boost their online presence, and let others know that their establishment is worth a visit!
  3. Share content about them: It’s simple - let your network know which local business and entrepreneurs you recommend. Wearing a sweater you bought at a local boutique? Share a photo! Admiring your newly painted walls? Share the contact details of the painter. It’s all about creating awareness around their business and encourage people to #supportyourlocal.
  4. Sign up for their newsletter: Stay up-to-date with news, promotions, offers and more by signing up for their newsletter. This will also make it easy for business owners to notify you if they’re still running their business (but with special measures e.g. deliver only or online consultations) or when they hope/plan to re-open.
  5. Order via their online shop: Looking to order online? Remember to check if you can order what you need from a local or small business, and help keep them busy - despite their physical location not being open to the public.
  6. Get more takeaway: Cafés and restaurants bring life to our cities. And while many establishments may be closing for in-house dining, many are offering carefully prepared takeaway and delivery options (a great option for both voluntary and mandatory quarantine).
  7. Re-schedule appointments: Have an appointment in the upcoming weeks that you can’t make? Remember to re-schedule (and not cancel!) your appointment as a courtesy to your local business owner.
  8. Request a quote: Considering home renovations? Having a greenhouse installed in your garden? Request quotes from local home services businesses, and fill their project funnel for when they can resume their normal daily operations.
  9. Like, comment and share their posts: This one may seem obvious - like, share and comment on their posts. Small businesses are working hard to keep their businesses afloat - and engaging with their social media posts is a helping hand in ensuring they feel supported.
  10. Take your local community online: Times may be tough - but we’re lucky that a sense of community doesn’t only mean meeting up. Support your local community and encourage everyone to go digital, share updates about local business online, spread kindness and most importantly, remain calm - because together (whether offline or online) we’re stronger. 

P.S. Extra tip - share this article and get the word out!