Izabela Balazi  |  08/09/2020

Introducing Ecwid E-commerce x Mono

We’re thrilled to share the addition of leading e-commerce provider, Ecwid, to the Mono Platform - giving all our partners the opportunity to help small businesses to easily sell online. 

The Mono Platform has long included the native offering, Mono E-commerce. And while Mono E-commerce is a great way for small businesses to test the waters with online sales, some small businesses are looking for more advanced e-commerce capabilities to help drive their online sales. 

Get started with Mono x Ecwid E-commerce 

Ecwid E-commerce is designed to help small businesses to take the next step in selling online. From managing their online store via an app to selling via social media channels, Ecwid E-commerce provides small businesses with the opportunity to expand online sales beyond their website and with more advanced functionality. The integration enables Mono Partners to:

  • Provision Ecwid E-commerce subscriptions directly from Mono’s management tool (also known as RAI)
  • Set up, build and manage an Ecwid store directly via the Mono Platform
  • Empower your small business clients to sell everywhere including Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Manage the entire online store, including centralized inventory, order management, pricing, and more, all from the Mono Platform
  • Add new products, view incoming orders and more via the white-label Ecwid mobile management store app 

The integration of Ecwid E-commerce into the Mono Platform also makes it easier for small business owners to manage their digital presence from one common login. With greater user engagement with both their website and e-commerce solutions, business owners can drive more revenue from their digital presence and online store. Want to learn more? Reach out to the Mono Team at sales@monosolutions.com to schedule a live demo and learn more about our partnership with Ecwid. 

More tips and tricks from Ecwid

To help get you started, the Ecwid Team will be contributing with a guest blog post in the upcoming weeks with all of their best tips and tricks for getting your small business customers successfully selling online. Stay tuned!