Mette Nielsen  |  28/03/2023

Go-to market strategies for website resellers

Our go-to market tips and tricks for digital service providers. How can you sell sites and what type of packages should you offer?

Websites makes it easy for your SMB clients to take control, grow and expand their digital presence as their needs evolve. Maybe this is even one of your selling points when you sell sites to your customers. However sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly which benefits to draw on when taking a service to market. What services should you offer, and what wording should you be using to best communicate your services? Here is a cheat sheet you can use. 


Communicate to your customers why they should choose you

Why should your customers choose you? What are the main benefits of your platform? And what does your platform offer that competitors don't? If you are using the Mono White-Label Website Builder, you can use the benefits of Mono to sell to your own customers. 


If you are a Mono Partner, feel free to use these benefits of the Mono Platform in your own marketing:

  • Fully-responsive website optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop views
  • High technical performance (W3C compliance, page speed, etc.)
  • Conversion-driven website templates, page layouts and modules
  • Best-in-class SEO, including traditional, local and voice search
  • Easy-to-use, WYSIWYG interface for editing and managing website content
  • Store and manage files in the File Manager
  • Add personalization and drive visitor engagement with Mono On-Site Engagements
  • Build and manage web shops with Mono E-commerce+, powered by Ecwid
  • Fully-hosted and secure solution
  • Built specifically with GDPR, web vitals and web vitals security in mind: Compliance and performance are front and centre



Go-to market strategies

Packages are a good strategy to sell to customers who would like a complete solution with everything included. Here are some ideas on different kinds of packages you could go to market with:


Traditional website offering:

Offer tiered website packages to target SMBs who are at different stages in their digital presence journey and therefore have different needs. Each package could include fundamental elements, such as domain, a set number of support hours and monthly visitor reporting. Additional features can be offered in more expensive packages, and additional support hours can be purchased as a standalone. For example:

  • Basic website: 1-3 pages, 2 hours of support per year, a domain and SSL certificate
  • Standard website: 5-10 pages, includes On-Site Engagements, 4 hours of support per year, a domain, an SSL certificate and an email account
  • Advanced website: Unlimited pages, includes blog and On-Site Engagements, 6 hours of support per year, a domain, an SSL certificate and 5 email accounts

Vertical website offerings:

Offer dedicated website packages tailored to your top SMB verticals. For example:

  • Basic websites for home services (gardening/cleaners) vertical - as they primarily only need to list their services
  • Standard website for interaction-driven businesses (such as real estate), as they can offer simple calls-to-action (e.g. click to call) with On-Site Engagements
  • Advanced website for retail store (clothing/speciality goods) vertical - as they can use their blog to highlight products and use On-Site Engagements to promote new collections

You may also consider combining website packages with Mono’s other digital marketing products. For example, selling a standard website with Mono E-commerce+ would be ideal for retail looking to sell online. 


Bundled website offerings:

Offer websites as part of a bundle with other digital presence solutions. For example

  • Data consistency: Bundle with listings management to ensure consistency of key business information across the digital landscape. 
  • Traffic driven: Bundle with SEO/SEM/SEA campaigns to drive more traffic to the website, and help ensure real value for SMBs upon starting their website subscription with your as a digital service provider.
  • Social media: Offer to manage customers' digital presence across platforms, including social media and Google.


Marketing inspiration: How to communicate your services

How do you communicate your services to your customer? Here are some examples of phrases and wordings you can use in your own marketing:

  • "Establish the foundation of your digital presence"
  • "Let us help you showcase the passion you have for your business online"
  • "We will help you build a website that represents your business and brand"
  • "We will take care of everything for you"
  • "We will guide you so that you are successful in managing your website, and help with difficult tasks"
  • "Today’s consumers rely on finding everything online"
  • "Consumers put more trust in businesses with a website"
  • "Optimized for traditional, local and voice search"
  • "Ensure your business is found online"
  • "Websites are the most authoritative source of online content"
  • "Websites give you the opportunity to truly portray your brand, without letting social channels (like Facebook) control how to display your content and adding updates."

Upgrade/upsell path

Add extra pages to your website package:
Offer the option to add the fulfilment of extra webpages to the SMB websites. Included in the extra page offering could be content copywriting, images and search engine optimization (SEO) for a flat fee per page.

Extra service: 
Offer additional service hours as an add-on outside of your SMB clients website offering. An individual hour can be purchased, or alternatively they could for example purchase 10 extra hours at a cheaper rate that can be used throughout a 12-month period.

Extra training: 
Offer extra training to help your SMB clients better understand how to make simple edits on their own. This is a great way to engage SMB clients that are willing to invest their time but need a little extra help due to their lack of technology skills.

Upgrade to a more advanced website package: 
As SMB clients grow their business over time, retarget them by offering them a more advanced website offering and encourage them to manage their digital presence to more effectively engage with their website visitors, customers and prospects.

Upsell one of Mono’s add-ons: 
As SMBs grow their business, they may also want to add-on new functionality. The Mono platform offers a variety of add-on functionality that can help drive more business for the SMB, and ultimately more revenue for you as a digital service provider. The addition of more products in the SMBs’ tech stack can also help reduce churn/increase customer retention. Mono’s add-ons include:


Sell complementary offerings:
The website is a great foundation to build your digital presence, and you can sell complementary offerings to boost the performance, visitor engagement, online opportunities, and reduce churn. Some options for complementary offerings are:

  • Domains, SSL Certificates and Email accounts provisioned via Mono
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • SEM/SEA campaigns
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Listings management
  • Google Ads


Wrapping up

Creating a go-to market strategy that gives many options to your customers can be a great way to allow them to choose exactly what they need. Customisable packages can help you pitch customers regardless of what they need, because you will have packages that suit most. Additionally, some SMBs might welcome the opportunity to outsource tasks such as copywriting and social media marketing if given the opportunity. This creates a path for upsell if you have included it in your strategy. 

Want to learn more? Download our free marketing brief about how you can sell Mono Websites to your SMB customers here.



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