Jasmine de Guzman  |  11/07/2018

Voice search white paper: The impact on SMB websites

Voice-driven interaction with businesses is on the rise, and for many consumers, it will replace traditional search in many scenarios. Consumers are increasingly using voice search to interact with businesses and a recent study by BrightLocal (2018) showed that 82% of surveyed consumers were willing to use voice search locally. 

So how can SMBs leverage this opportunity? Just like with traditional SEO, digital service providers need to help their small business clients ensure that their business found in voice search queries. At Mono, we’ve optimized our technology to leverage structured data, and empower our partners with a powerful platform that is fully optimized for all types of search, including traditional, local and voice search.

Check out our voice search white paper

As a leading provider of website solutions, we’ve put together a white paper to look at the impact of voice search on SMBs, including their websites. The report also explains Mono’s approach of leveraging structured data to help SMBs websites remain relevant in the digital landscape.

Download our Voice Search White Paper: The impact on SMB websites

Getting SMBs ready for new technologies, including voice search, is at the heart of Mono’s mission to empower SMBs with a digital presence that help drive business for them. By incorporating structured data at the foundation of the Mono Platform, we’re able to ensure our partners and their SMB customers are equipped with the best technology standards for now - and the future.” says Svenn Andersen, COO at Mono Solutions

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