Tricia Score  |  13/03/2017

The growing demand of CRM from SMBs

How do small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) connect with their customers? How do they best manage their time?

The answers to these questions are important for small business owners who often times are wearing many hats and lack the time to focus on customer engagement when they are busy running their businesses. 

While there are many tools and services available to help businesses optimize their processes, automating certain aspects of daily operations is key for businesses that demand more time to focus on customer interactions and engagement. Therefore, it is important that B2SMB service providers understand the philosophy of ‘do more, with less’, so that the services being provided to small businesses around the globe continue to align with their needs, skill sets and most importantly, budgets.

According to BIA Kelsey, 39.4% of SMBs are currently using emails to promote their business. However, of this group well over half are not using an email marketing service. With few SMBs using an email marketing service, this is an opportunity for service providers to help SMBs to communicate with more customers in a shorter amount of time. Helping SMBs streamline communication with customers can also make way for more targeted communication, and customer data can help SMBs determine which marketing efforts produce the best results.


A significant return on investment for SMBs

When you look at the options to provide better services to your SMBs and increase their ROI for their digital presence spend, increasing communication and traction with customers is the one of the best ways to drive positive results. In the same report by BIA Kelsey, more than 50% of email users reported a positive return of five to twenty times their expenditure. A real value is created when SMBs are empowered to drive actions and revenue from their email efforts.

However, the market is not fully saturated. Of the over 60% of SMBs not using email many are looking to increase their spend and those currently using email marketing will continue to spend more. We are doing a disservice to not offer more bundled services to end customers. SMBs need an easy way to communicate and measure results of their email actions.


Built-in customer relationship management (CRM)

Offering an easy-to-use, cost effective solution for SMBs to administer email marketing through their current website is an easy way for services provider to continue to increase their value to their customers. Imagine the possibilities of combining the solutions that solve multiple business needs for an SMB through the streamlining of capturing and managing data, facilitating secure areas online and being able to communicate and distribute information all, through one platform.


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