Izabela Balazi  |  17/06/2020

You’ve got mail! Introducing Mono Email Marketing

In a world where consumers are constantly confronted with ads and promotions, it is more important than ever to capture their attention. Email campaigns are a great way to do this, as 73% of people prefer email marketing over other channels*. Help your small business customers create beautiful campaigns to connect with and grow their customer base by offering them an easy-to-use email marketing solution.



We're excited to launch Mono Email Marketing starting today and the opportunity it will provide for you to offer a more complete technology stack to your SMB clients. Mono Email Marketing is quick and easy to set up and will give SMB owners a simple way to target customers with newsletters or promotions. 

With Mono Email Marketing, you can offer a more comprehensive digital package that allows small business owners to professionally engage with their customers. It also provides you with the opportunity to offer copywriting services to help your clients create great campaigns. 

Watch our video to learn more about Mono Email Marketing.



Mono Email Marketing makes it easy for small businesses to:

  • Build beautiful campaigns on the intuitive interface, regardless of previous experience
  • Quickly create emails by using pre-designed email templates
  • Customize the design to fit the business and type of communication
  • Enhance communication between the SMB and their customers
  • Send out to all customers or target a specific group through Mono Customers



Interested? Watch the recording of our webinar to find out more about the specific features and benefits of Mono Email Marketing. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to your Partner Success Manager or schedule a demo with our team.


* Data & Marketing Association, 2018