OCT 19 2015

At last week’s Search and Information Industry Association (SIINDA) conference in Prague, Mono Solutions, a best-in-class online presence provider, won two of the first ever SIINDA Industry Excellence Awards in the categories of Technology and Business to Business. The inaugural awards featured nine different categories and were judged by an independent panel to honor the very best technology and sales solutions in the SMB marketing services space.

For the Technology category, the judges were looking for “Leading edge technology that either supports making transactions happen, enhances the user experience, supports companies though making processes simpler and more efficient or more effective.” It was an obvious choice to enter the recently launched Mono V5, the next generation of website building at scale.

We developed V5 to help companies selling online presence to SMBs offer highly customized, professional websites to SMBs without having to sacrifice margins on production and fulfillment. Thanks to an API-first approach to our technology, Mono offers the best platform for delivering agency-grade websites as well as seamless integrations with other best-in-class service providers for true turnkey online presence solutions.

Mono prides itself on being an industry leading technology company and thus winning in the Technology category was a moment of ultimate pride for the Mono team. 

To win the Business to Business category, SIINDA’s panel of judges was looking for “Innovation in business models, products or services: Any new or changed business model, product or service in the business-to-business sector. The model should enhance an existing service, provide a new service, create a new market demand, contribute to the demand in a current market, and lead to better customer satisfaction or be at the leading edge of innovation.”

As a partner-driven company, Mono focuses product innovation to serve the needs of SMBs and resellers alike. Mono puts SMBs at the center focus in order to solve the challenges SMBs face to in turn make our resellers heroes in the eyes of their clients.  At the same time we focus a lot on making things more efficient and profitable for our resellers when it comes to the sale and production of online presence. 

Mono V5 is the only platform on the market that seamlessly supports all go-to-market models including DIFM, DIY, DIWM and a newly dubbed model of ‘Do Nothing’ as a super affordable and effective activation tool. This flexibility allows resellers large and small across the globe to execute the go to market mix that works best for their business. At the same time, our world-class integrations give our partners a one-stop shop for offering the absolute best digital products and services for SMBs.

We are extremely grateful for all of those who made it possible to win not just one, but two excellence awards including our team across the globe and our amazing partners.  We wanted to extend many congratulations to the other winners as well, especially our partner and team at MatchCraft on their big award. So great to see a close partner take the gold! It can only relay the message that we partner with the absolute best of the best.

Mono would also like to extend a thank you to the team at SIINDA for putting together a great event and panel of judges. We are already looking forward to Localcon 2016!


Jillian Als

Global Marketing Manager

Mono Solutions