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Empower your sales team with a productivity-boosting website creation tool that helps reduce costs and complications when selling websites. 

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How it works

The Quick Creator lets you create a website in four steps - or less. 

  1. Add your prospect's business details with Google My Business (GMB) or enter manually.
  2. Optional: Enter account details. This information is added to our Reseller Admin Interface (RAI).
  3. Optional: Enter more information about the business. If the template supports this, this will appear on the finished website, providing a more customized mock-up.
  4. Select a template.
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How to get started with the Quick Creator

For Mono Partners


The Quick Creator is a free functionality for all Mono Partners. 

If you are a partner, please request Quick Creator access by creating a support ticket and attaching your Google My Business (GMB) key. Our support team will then set you up.

Get started as a Mono Partner

If you are not yet a Mono Partner


If you are not yet a Mono Partner, you can still try out Quick Creator for yourself.

Simply sign up for a free trial of our white-labe website building platform.
You can then test out the platform, including RAI, the Editor and of course Quick Creator.

Simplified selling

Mono Quick Creator empowers our partners’ sales teams with a faster, simpler method of logging in and creating website proposals for prospective clients.


Create websites fast

By leveraging Google My Business information and pre-approved industry templates in the Mono Quick Creator flow, your sales team can create customized website proposals for potential clients in a matter of minutes. 

Shorten your sales cycle

Impress for success

Create a great first impression with prospective clients with a personalized website mock-up.

By using their business information and a relevant industry template, small business owners can quickly see how you can help build their digital presence. 

Free up fulfilment

Once the fulfilment team has approved industry templates for the Quick Creator, the team can focus on fulfilling existing, revenue-generating customer websites rather than spending time creating costly website proposals.

Streamline website creation

The Quick Creator condenses website mock-up creation for sales teams into a simple, easy-to-use four-step flow; empowering sales to quickly pitch websites without needing to use RAI or Mono Editor in this initial stage. 

Feature benefits

Access outside of RAI

With Quick Creator, sales teams have a solution to create sample websites that does not require them to overcome a steep learning curve first. 


Our simple website creation tool empowers sales teams, who may not have design or development skills, to quickly create customized website proposals. 

Pitch websites fast

Quick Creator provides sales teams, who don't have time to fiddle with technology, a streamlined solution to create website mock-ups quickly.

Impress with personalization

When business details are added in the Quick Creator flow, the chosen template is auto-populated with this information to personalize the proposal.

Shortens the sales cycle

Our condensed website mock-up tool streamlines website creation, reducing the manual work and time-consuming processes involved.

Boost productivity

Efficient and fast way to create highly personalised websites for sales teams, which can then be used as a foundation for fulfilment teams to build out the final site. 

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