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Need a faster way to fulfil customer websites? 

Global Design and Global Data

Fulfil customer sites fast with Global Design and Global Data: Mono's smart site-wide editing functionality.

Streamlined editing experience

Minimalistic no-code editing interface. No clutter. Only what you need to build customer sites fast.  

Easy site management

Manage thousands of customer websites easily with advanced multi-site management tool, The Reseller Admin Interface (RAI)

Mono empowers more than 70 partners serving 30 markets in 32 different languages

We are Business to Business to Business

Mono empowers digital agencies, telcos, SaaS, WaaS and other resellers with an all-in-one website building solution and multi-site management tool that can simplify and optimize the process of selling, building, and managing client websites.

Operating exclusively B2B2B allows Mono to focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of digital resellers, our partners.

We are not just a vendor. We are your business partner.

See how we can help you.

Are you growing out of your current platform?

Many digital resellers start their journey building customer websites on DIY-focused platforms such as WordPress, Drupal or even your own native platform. These can all be a great place to start when your customer base is still small and easy to manage manually.

Once your customer base reaches the hundreds, let alone thousands, upgrading to a specialized platform, such as Mono Solutions, becomes essential to scale efficiently! 

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How Mono’s white label website building platform can help you scale 

Personalized proposal websites 

Swiftly generate highly customised website proposals for your prospects without coding or design skills.

One control panel 

Easily manage all of your customer websites, templates, subscriptions, customers and team members in one place.

Drag and drop

Easy drag and drop builder with predefined sections that adopt the global design of your website

Site-wide design and content

The properties of elements such as color, font and spacing can be set at a site-wide level. Content can likewise be synced from a central database.

Best in class security and upkeep

Deliver websites that get top scores in Core Web Vitals & Page Speed. Mono takes care of security and stability. All you need to worry about is fulfilling websites.  

Fully white-label 

Your branding only. On everything, including emails, website editor and login page.
Mono stays entirely behind the scenes.

What our partners say

As a cloud-native digital services company, Orange truly values websites as a key offering to help SMBs boost their business online. We found that the great Mono Solutions team shared this vision, and combined with their brilliant execution, perfectly designed websites and high performance technology, we’re truly proud of our lasting partnership to help SMBs succeed online.

Rayane Chawaf
Head of Digital Visibility Services, Orange

Made with Mono

Our partners - and their designers - are always very busy coming up with new ideas and designs. Made with Mono is the perfect showcase of the real-life customer websites our partners have created on the Mono platform.

Easily customize your product offering 

Take advantage of Mono's many upsell opportunities, such as ecommerce+, domains, SSLs, emails and more. Fully white-label of course! 

Cookie Consent

Your SMB customers don’t have time to stay up to date on cookie legislation. Simply offer them Mono Cookie Consent, a fully automated cookie consent widget and banner. Mono Cookie Consent is GDPR and CCPA compliant and automatically stays up-to-date with changing legislation. Learn more.


Easily upsell a complete ecommerce solution to your SMB clients. With a fully native checkout flow, website visitors can feel secure completing a purchase without ever leaving the business website. Choose from any major payment gateway and shipping method. The seller pays no transaction fees. shipping notifications and invoices are fully automated. Learn more.

Mono Extras

It’s easy to upsell domains, SSLs and email to your customers directly on the Mono platform. Mono offers a great variety of TLD, ccTLD and gTLD domains. No need to understand the complicated rules – we take care of everything. Learn more.

Synced sitewide data and sitewide design

Update the look and feel in a few clicks

Change fonts, colors, and content across the whole website in a few clicks with centralized property adjustments. 

Customize your website from one place

Set 29 global fonts, 15 global colors, and over 50 modules, surpassing other website builders.

Instantly update content across the website

Fields for quick fulfillment, such as business info, lists, links, are easily added via content tags.

Easily style templates using Global Design and Data

Global Design and Global Data can also be used to creating templates in no time.

New content fits your design automatically

Additional page and row layouts added inherit the global design of the template. 

What does it mean that we are the leading ‘European’ website building platform? 

We take GDPR seriously 

Our services are carefully handpicked and built with compliance in mind. We use Proxies to keep your IP address hidden. And your customer’s personal information stays in the EU.

We make it easy to build websites in any language

Mono makes it easy to build websites for customers in any European location, with 32 different languages supported on the finished sites, and 13 languages available in the Editor Interface.

We make it easy to offer any domain extension

Mono offers a great variety of TLD, ccTLD and gTLD domains. No need to understand the complicated rules – we take care of everything.  

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