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The leading European website building platform

Sell, build, and manage client websites at scale

White label website builder & templates

Fulfill sites quickly with our easy no-code white label website builder;

Manage thousands of clients’ websites

Manage your customer websites, accounts, subscriptions and domains in one central management tool: the Reseller Administration Interface (RAI).

Leverage integrated add-on features

Leverage integrated add-on features, such as cookie consent, ecommerce, emails, and domains.  

Empower clients a strong technical foundation

Optimize your clients’ websites with built-in SEO, analytics, and strong web vitals

API-first platform

With API, use Mono’s website building solution with your own data systems.

Site migration made easy

With an almost fully automated migration process and a talented QA team, Mono has the experience to facilitate large-scale website migration projects.

Build stunning websites effortlessly

The Mono Editor

Build websites that are not only structured and data-rich, but also look beautiful and consistently score in the 90th percentile on Google PageSpeed. 

Global Design

Designed for quick fulfillment, the Mono Editor is equipped with a library of predesigned pages and content blocks that automatically take on the Global Design properties of your website.

White Label

The Mono Editor is fully white-label, meaning your branding is all customer sees when logging into their new website. This enhances your brand visibility and reinforces brand recognition among customers.

Update design elements in one place, even if they are used across the entire website. Think colours, spacing and fonts, changed across the website with just a few clicks.

Save time on repetitive design tasks, and have the freedom to spend more time where the real value lies – crafting beautiful client websites.

Discover how to build a client website with the Mono Editor


Built for SEO

All on-page SEO elements are easy to edit and manage; and with Mono’s SEO checker, get a quick overview of where you’re missing alt text, headlines, and more. And no reason to sweat technical SEO - Mono has it covered.

Use predesigned content

Leverage a wide variety of predefined pages and content rows for fast website production including price plans, galleries and more.

Drag and drop editing

Inserting new content is quickly done in just a few clicks. All existing elements can easily be moved via drag-and-drop - both within a row and up and down the page.

Accessibility & GDPR

Create WCAG compliant websites with intuitive accessibility features.

Mono Cookie Consent enables automated and future-proof GDPR and CCPA cookie compliance for small businesses.

Global Design

With the extensive global and local design parameters in Mono Editor, you have powerful customization at your fingertips – without slowing down fulfilment. Set 29 global texts, 15 global colors, 11 layout and base elements, and more than 50 modules. 

Full control of your content

You have full control of which pages are published. You can always keep draft pages, or choose to not index certain pages, if they are not ready.

Manage thousands of clients’ websites 

The Reseller Administration Interface (RAI)

Manage websites at scale with the Reseller Admin Interface (RAI), Mono's multi-site management tool.

Overview of your dashboard in RAI

Once your customer base reaches the hundreds, let alone thousands websites, Mono's multi-site management tool becomes essential to efficiently manage your workflows.

Global Design

Create your own Template Library that suits your SMB clients' verticals - use Mono's free white-label templates as a starting point or create your own from scratch.

Overview of a customer account in RAI

Quickly filter your accounts based on customer name, subscription type, website ID, and much more. 

Overview of a customer account in RAI

RAI is the entry-point to the entire Mono platform - meaning you only need one login.


Migrate your sites easily

Migrate your websites easily to the Mono platform. We help you with every step.

Manage all your subscriptions, websites and accounts in one easy overview

RAI gives you an easy overview of everything in one place. Easily find any site, client or account user our advanced filters. 

Manage permissions

There are over 10 different user roles with varying permissions that can be assigned to your team. You can also assign Editor user roles for end users. Use Mono's generic user roles or create your own fully customizable user roles.

Create a template library

Make a copy of Mono’s professionally designed templates and adjust them to the needs of your market, to create your own proprietary library of templates.

Create workflows and assign team members

In RAI you can easily assign websites to different workflow statuses and team members. Your designer just finished designing a site? Great! Time to assign the site to the content creator. 

Access the Mono Editor

Easily access the Mono Editor through RAI. Simply find the website you wish to edit, and click the tool button to access the Editor. You can also view the site as the user role assigned to your client.

Scale in the European market

Your European Partner

Mono is your business partner dedicated to the European market. With our multi-language and GDPR-focused approach, you can grow your agency with peace of mind. 

Multi-language interface

With Mono Editor, 13 back-end languages and 32 front-end languages are supported.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance is our top priority. With features like personal data storage in Europe, proxy usage, and option to add fully automated Cookie Consent, we are committed to providing a GDPR focused solution.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

We know the needs of small businesses in the European market, and have designed our platform to best cater to them.

As a cloud-native digital services company, Orange truly values websites as a key offering to help SMBs boost their business online. We found that the great Mono Solutions team shared this vision, and combined with their brilliant execution, perfectly designed websites and high performance technology, we’re truly proud of our lasting partnership to help SMBs succeed online.

Rayane Chawaf

Head of Digital Visibility Services

Leverage integrated add-on features

Everything your client needs

Unlike DIY platforms, Mono's B2B solution offers add-ons are targeted to be the most beneficial to agencies and their SMB customers.

Quick Creator

The Quick Creator is a sales tool that lets salesteams create a website in four steps - or less. No designers. No techies.

Mono Cookie Consent

Mono Cookie Consent enables automated and future-proof GDPR and CCPA cookie compliance for small businesses.


An all-in-one ecommerce solution - including fast, secure payments, no transaction fees on sales, pre-made templates, and much more.

And much more

This is just a sneakpeak into our key add-ons. Other add-ons include blog, pop-up banners, forms, e-mails, SLLs, domains and much more. 

About Mono

Growth through collaboration

We are partner-centric, meaning we consider ourselves a business partner more than a supplier. We are focused on helping our partners grow through collaboration.

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The leading European website building platform

Our all-in-one platform for digital service providers to build and sell websites and other digital products at scale

Whitelabel website builder & templates

Manage hundreds or thousands of client sites easily 

Access to cookie consent, ecommerce+ and Quick Creator

API-first platform

Site migration made easy