A good website is more than just a product - it’s a service. Help small businesses get online with Websites-as-a-Service and create a new revenue stream for your business and better retention as a digital service provider.

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Why websites-as-a-service

Building a website requires time and focus, and it’s unlikely that an entrepreneur or small business owner (alongside daily operations) can dedicate time to building a professional and effective website. While small businesses may want to get started on their own, they also need a trusted digital advisor that can help guide them through the website creation process and engage them when updates are necessary. Websites-as-a-service provides a more collaborative approach to fulfilling the digital needs of SMBs.

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Add value with service

While some small businesses manage to build their website with a do-it-yourself website builder, 64% actually want some help with the creation and/or maintenance of their website*. But the level of service needed can differ substantially among SMBs. Let your small business customers decide whether they prefer a collaborative do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach, or if they prefer a full-service do-it-for-me approach with more advanced guidance and support.

* LSA/Mono Small Business Survey

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Drive revenue and retention

Compared to commoditized offerings, services can deliver higher revenue and margins, as well as help  differentiate your offering from the competition. As the digital foundation for any business, selling websites-as-a-service also creates a natural upsell path for complementary products or services that drive value for the SMB and ultimately, less worry about churn and higher retention rates for you as a digital service provider.

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Our solution

Mono Solutions delivers the ultimate platform for offering websites and other digital products as a complete digital service offering to SMBs. Easily differentiate the user experience to meet the skill set of small business owners, and offer assistance for tasks that are too difficult or time-consuming. Don’t have a team in-place? Work with one of our qualified fulfillment partners to deliver localized website creation, maintenance and support.

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