Quick Creator Training

How to set up and personalize templates for the Quick Creator

In this webinar, we went through how you can set up the Quick Creator with the appropriate templates and tags to get the most out of the product. 

This webinar covered the following topics:

  • Learn how to enable templates for Quick Creator: We will take you through how to make existing or new templates available in the Quick Creator flow.

  • Learn how to populate your template to make it look tailored: Get inspiration for how you can add generic text and images to your templates to make them appear tailored, to get the best results in Quick Creator.

  • Learn how to use global content tags to personalise your templates: We will show you how you can add tags to your templates, so the templates are auto-populated with your prospect's information through the Quick Creator.


Mette Nielsen

Marketing Coordinator 

at Mono Solutions

Latife Cocking

Product Manager

at Mono Solutions

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Did you know?

Did you know you can some formatting options to Global Content Tags? You can for example use <br> to create line breaks and <strong> to make text bold.

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