Editor Basics Training

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During this training, we provided you with a foundational understanding of the Mono Editor, empowering you with greater flexibility and creative power when building sites for your customers.

Sometimes all we need are a few tricks, shortcuts and rules of thumbs to have a good starting point for what would otherwise be challenging (and often time consuming) obstacles, and we wanted to give you the building blocks to put together any number of different sites. Knowing the foundation will give you the tools to work out the answer to most design challenges.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to the Editor and the key concepts you need to know when building a website
  • Handy shortcuts that will make building websites faster
  • Some tips on how to use rows, columns and modules in new ways
  • A Q&A session


Lisbet Laursen

Partner Sales Manager
at Mono Solutions


Mette Nielsen

Marketing Coordinator

at Mono Solutions

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