Defining the optimal service model for small businesses

In this webinar, Charles Laughlin - Sr. Analyst at Localogy & Matt Matergia, GM of Americas and VP of Sales at Mono Solutions discuss the outcome of our recent "Do What With Me?" report.

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Key to achieving the coveted “SMB Trusted Advisor” status is providing the right product or mix of products. Perhaps a bigger factor is combining the right products with the right level of service and a deeper understanding of your customers' needs. 

Mono Solutions and Localogy went straight to the source and asked SMBs directly - What Do You Need? In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What “as a service” really means to your SMB customers and how service can be a major value driver for your company.
  • The gaps that exist between the customer service that SMBs want and they actual get.
  • How collaborative service leads to a deeper SMB understanding of a product’s value.
  • What form the optimal service model should take.

For more, read the full report that was commissioned by Mono Solutions, and put together in collaboration with Localogy.

Matt Matergia

General Manager Americas and VP of sales at Mono Solutions

Charles Laughlin

Sr Analyst at Localogy