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Website Migration 

In this white paper, we've put together a complete guide on why to mass migrate your SMB clients' websites, and the considerations for success. Download a copy today!

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The migration of websites from one platform to another can be a truly challenging process. Add in the factor of doing this for thousands of websites – and it requires an immense amount of structure, technical expertise and ideally experience. Some highlights from the white paper include:

  • Key reasoning and considerations to consider when undertaking a large-scale website migration, including the migration objective and overall technical approach
  • A clear understanding of Mono's role in facilitating a large-scale migration and what services that we typically provide
  • Insight and guidaince on Mono’s approach to website migration, including important considerations and processes, as well as setting expectations with clients, quality assurance and overall minimizing risk

The white paper was written and published by Mono Solutions.

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