Website Design Trends 2020 

Mono has put together a guide on the latest design trends for SMB website production. Download your copy today and get inspired!

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Website design trends are a topic that a lot of people have an opinion on. What’s a design trend, why is it a trend and is it useful when creating websites? This design trend 2020 guide focuses on relevant trends for SMB website production and proposes ways to incorporate them in your own websites through the Mono Editor. Some highlights from the guide include:

  • The use of color gradients can be a great way of incorporating brand colors, enhancing the readability of text, setting a mood and creating a more “fun” website design. Learn key tricks!
  • Having an engaging design and structure is key for a good website. Find out how to capture the attention of visitors and potentially increase the overall conversion rate.
  • Adding a lot of white space to a website may seem counterintuitive, but is actually essential. Learn how white space makes it easier for visitors to quickly interpret information.
  • And more website design trends to key an eye on in 2020!

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