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Make data your competitive advantage

The Mono Platform puts data at the core to not only ensure data consistency but also to enable automated solutions that make creating and managing SMB digital presence scalable and efficient.

Local data hub


More than ever, websites represent the only opportunity where small business owners truly own their content, can build trust around their brand and foster personalized engagement with their customers. Mono and The LSA commissioned a report that looks at the website as a data hub for the ebb and flow of local business content across the internet. This adds a fresh perspective on the function of a website and explains the importance of SMB websites now and in the future.

Data automation


A strong data foundation powers Mono’s automated site creation technology including the Quick Creator feature as well as our One-Click Sites product. Using structured business data, Mono creates fully responsive and SEO-optimized websites in just seconds. Alternatively, leverage Mono’s Quick Creator tool to kick start fulfillment flows or configure it to help DIY users sign up and create websites quickly and easily.


Template Rules

Flexible and intelligent templates that only show relevant content and design based on data available from a given data source.

Quick Creator

Customizable site creation flow that enables SMBs and fulfillment agents to quickly and easily start a content-rich website.

One-Click Sites

Technology that leverages structured data to automatically create a fully-responsive and professional one-page website.

Global Data

Central content management directly linked to across the site and automatically marked up, saving production time and enriching search results

The Mono API

Mono’s REST-based API enables partners to manage everything on the Mono Platform including data syncs with allow third-party integrations.