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Build professional small business websites

The Mono Editor provides the best solution for building performance-driven websites at scale. Build better and faster by utilizing structured data, flexible design and efficiency tools.



The Mono Editor can be adapted with different functionality based on user roles meaning the interface is as easy to use for the experienced web designer as it is for the digital novices. As business owners are increasingly looking to take control, these custom user role definitions make the Mono Editor the ideal tool for offering true DIWM solutions.



Mono Templates provide an excellent starting point to save on production time as they’re specifically built with data management in mind and are easily adapted to custom color palettes with just a few clicks. Customize your own template library and inspire customers across any business vertical including endless combinations of conversion-driving modules and design.

Feature examples

Built for SEO

All on-page SEO elements are super easy to edit and manage. Don’t sweat technical SEO - Mono has it covered.

Blog functionality

The Mono Blog feature is database-driven and includes all the features you expect including comment management.

Password protection

Make specific website content exclusive with password protected areas that can be accessed through a login module.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

Don’t build an app! PWA enables the fast loading of cached websites in an app-like experience even when offline.

In-tool assistance

Make use of various in-tool help tools such as getting started videos and a Mono Academy widget while building.


Impress clients with code-free animations that bring life to any website and win the attention from the end-user.

Social media

Easily add any major social media widget to encourage more website engagement including likes, shares and more.

Predefined content

Leverage hundreds of predefined pages and content rows for fast website production including price plans, galleries and more.

Time-saving navigation

Inserting new content is quickly done in just a few clicks. All existing elements can easily be moved via drag’n’drop.

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