Mono Solutions ApS is a contracted Registrar of .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), responsible for the Internet top-level domain for Sweden, .se. Together with .SE, Mono Solutions ApS works for a positive development of the Internet in Sweden, for the good of users and society in general. Satisfied domain name holders, whether they are large corporations or individual consumers, is our common objective. 

.SEs General Conditions

By clicking this link, you will be directed to .SEs General Conditions for the registration of .se domain names.

  • New registration of Domain Names

    The domain holder registers the domain through one of Mono Solutions' resellers and not directly with Mono Solutions.

    The reseller has access to a Mono Solutions platform to register a new domain for the domain holder

  • Renewal of Domain Names

    The domain is renewed automatically at the end of the period if the option of “Renew on expiry” is enabled in the domain holder account. Otherwise it will terminate

  • Updating of contact information

    To update contact information, Mono Solutions’ reseller will need to contact Mono Solution support to provide the updated domain holder’s information and Mono Solutions will request to update the contact info

  • Administration of name servers

    The name servers are managed by Mono Solutions

  • Assignment of Domain Names

    The Registrar undertakes, upon request from the surrendering Domain Holder, and on condition that the recipient Domain Holder has approved the Terms and Conditions of Registration and has provided the information specified in paragraph 9.1, to perform the assignment of a Domain Name. The Registrar shall promptly, and no later than within five working days from when the conditions for the assignment have been fulfilled, assign the Domain Name to a new Domain Holder. The assignment of a Domain Name means that the recipient party becomes the new Domain Holder and replaces the Domain Holder that was previously registered.

  • Change of Registrar

    If the domain holder needs to transfer a domain away from Mono Solutions, the domain holder will need to request an Auth code to the respective reseller and the reseller will contact Mono Solutions' support who will provide the Auth code

  • Deregistration of Domain Names

    To terminate a domain, the domain holder will need to contact their respective reseller to ask for termination. The reseller has access to the account to terminate the domain

  • Management of DS records.

    The DNS records can be managed by the domain holder’s reseller within Mono Solutions system

 Abuse process

When we get reports about possible abusive behavior, we will provide the tools and information necessary to take immediate action. We provide a very clear form through which you can report abuse.