Mono Solutions launches the Quick Creator to support partners and shorten sales cycle

Mono Solutions, a leading white-label website platform, is bringing a new functionality to their 70+ partners globally: The Quick Creator.

Mono Solutions, a white-label website platform for businesses who sell and build websites at scale, is bringing a new functionality to their 70+ partners globally: The Quick Creator.  

With this new feature, Mono partners can build proposal websites for their prospects in a short four-step flow. This allows partners to demonstrate, rather than pitch, websites to prospects.  

The Quick Creator is designed to support Mono partners’ sales operations, ultimately leading to increased website sales. 

Designed to shorten the sales cycle, the Quick Creator leverages Google My Business information and pre-approved industry templates to streamline the website creation flow and personalise the final website, so the prospect truly can witness their business come to life. 

"We're absolutely thrilled to announce the Quick Creator and the opportunities it brings to our partners. The tool is co-created with our partners to streamline their sales processes, and we have every confidence it will significantly increase the conversion rates when selling websites. We look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our partners' success stories," says Anders Cervera, CTO at Mono Solutions. 

The Quick Creator can easily be used by anyone, regardless of technical proficiency. This enables any member of a sales team to create customized website proposals for potential clients in a matter of minutes.  

The Quick Creator templates can be tailored utilizing Mono’s multi-site management tool, The Reseller Admin Interface (RAI). Partners can set up industry specific templates in RAI, which can then be made available in the Quick Creator for the sales team to use.

The Quick Creator is available to all Mono Partners from 2nd October 2023.