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Line Nymand Juliussen  |  06/03/2017

Mono Solutions celebrates 10 years in business

March 6, 2017 / Copenhagen, DK - This year, Mono Solutions celebrates the company’s 10 year anniversary and will mark this company milestone with an Anniversary Party for partners in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 1.

Ten years in the online presence business

Louise Lachmann, René Hedegaard Petersen and David Westmark Højelsen founded Mono Solutions in 2007, after years of experience in the web agency industry. At that time, getting a professional website was expensive, and most SMBs settled for a simple solution, or didn’t get a website at all due to lack of time, resources, and budget. That is why Mono’s founders decided to dedicate their work to helping small businesses to get a professional and affordable website.

The Mono Platform started as a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) website editor, but the founders realized that the best way give SMBs an extra layer of support was by working through trusted service providers. With access to Mono’s multisite management systems and extensive API, the reselling partners are able to provide expertise, build and manage the SMBs online presence at an affordable price. The partner model has allowed Mono to quickly expand its presence from Scandinavia to Greater Europe, Australia, the Americas and Asia and the company now has more than 60 reselling partners in over 30 markets.

A clear vision guides the development of the Mono Platform

The vision of helping small businesses get a professional and affordable online presence has remained the same throughout Mono’s 10 years in business. It has guided the creation of flexible, scalable and adaptable online presence solutions that make cost-effective and production possible for Mono’s reselling partners, while giving SMBs the opportunity to get a professional website with the latest technical requirements, modern design and easy data management.

“For the past 10 years, helping SMBs has been what gets me up in the morning and that is even more important today, as SMBs now have to meet the needs of consumers who are searching online for local businesses. Previously SMBs only needed a simple business-card website to have an online presence, but now they need a professional website to act as the foundation of their online presence across social media and online reputation across digital business channels. 

SMBs need help to meet the online requirements that are growing in complexity. We are grateful to have partners worldwide who share our passion for helping small businesses and making it easy and affordable for them to get a professional website. That is why, on behalf of my co-founders, David and René, and the entire Mono team, I want to thank our valued partners for their commitment and we look forward to celebrating the past 10 successful years at our anniversary party in Copenhagen this summer.” - Louise Lachmann, CEO.

Future challenges and solutions
For the past 10 years, the online presence landscape has evolved rapidly. The growing use of the Internet, along with the technological development has increased the use of smartphones, tablets and social media. Requirements to SMBs online presence has grown along with these trends, and demands will likely only be greater in the future. What will not change, is SMBs’ lack of time, resources and budgets to build and maintain a professional online presence. To accommodate future challenges and changes in the market, Mono Solutions will stay true to the company vision through the continued innovation of data-driven solutions with SMB needs at the core of the development.

Mono’s 10 Year Anniversary Party
To celebrate the company’s 10 years in business, Mono Solutions will be hosting an anniversary party for partners on Thursday, June 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The party will be held in conjunction with a workshop hosted by the Search & Information Industry Association (SIINDA).

About Mono Solutions - Mono Solutions, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, provides a SaaS-based platform for the design, delivery and management of professional, responsive websites and e-commerce at scale. Our business is founded on the belief that all SMBs, despite small budgets and lack of technical skills and design expertise, deserve the same level of website design and performance as larger companies. We believe the best way to support SMBs is through our reselling partners worldwide. Through our scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) website platform, our partners can leverage automation tools to transform their SMB data into professional websites in a fast and cost-efficient way. Mono Solutions has won several industry awards for innovation, presence management and best SMB service of the year.

About SIINDA - The Search & Information Industry Association (SIINDA) is the leading European based non-profit association that brings together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors, as well as businesses providing on-demand services. SIINDA provides a wide range of member services from market research to conferences and summits. SIINDA’s worldwide network of members fosters the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of partnerships.