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Jasmine de Guzman  |  08/02/2018

Mono and Torget deliver professional websites to Swedish SMBs

February 8, 2018 / Copenhagen, DK - Mono Solutions has partnered with digital marketing service provider, Torget, to provide small businesses in Sweden with modern and professional websites.

Mono had a long-standing partnership with prior digital marketing firm ClearSense, which was acquired by Torget in late 2017. Throughout the transition the Mono Platform continued to deliver efficiency and value, and was therefore leveraged to enhance the offerings of the Torget brand. 

Torget’s vision has always been to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) establish a strong presence across the digital landscape, as well as ensure that SMBs can benefit from all the opportunities of digitizing a business, such as e-commerce. As SaaS-based technology, the Mono Platform provides Torget with the flexibility to efficiently build websites, while still fulfilling the requirement to reflect the unique brand identity of the individual SMB.

“The partnership with Mono Solutions has given our team at Torget the confidence that we have the best technology to deliver professional and conversion-driven websites to our SMB customers. Further, the continuous development of the Mono Platform aligns with our mission to help our customers grow their business online, and inspire other SMBs to invest in digital marketing.” says Robert Lindell, CMO/COO at Torget.

As a business focused on delivering simple solutions to SMBs, Torget is the natural reselling partner for Mono. Their dedication to focus on delivering websites that meet the needs of the small business helps deliver a stronger presence locally, as well as online.


Global Head of Sales at Mono Solutions, Tricia Score notes: “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Torget as they help small businesses in Sweden to grow their business online. With Torget’s digital expertise and focus on customer service, we at Mono believe that their partnership will be of great value in providing Swedish SMBs with the best website to successfully expand their business into the digital world”.

Since launching on the Mono Platform, Torget have used their digital expertise to launch a series of website production offerings and are actively supporting Swedish SMBs as they enter the digital world. With more than 5,500 websites, Torget will continue to deliver professional websites across Sweden in 2018.


About Torget - Torget thrives on creating growth online. As one of the leading suppliers of digital marketing and together with the best partners in the industry, Torget provides - simple, high-quality, all-in-one solutions to almost 10,000 small- and medium-sized business (SMBs) across Sweden. Following the acquisition of Getupdated in 2017, the oldest SEO agency in Sweden, we are the leading supplier of SEO services. Torget is Premier Google Partner and we offer digital products and services, including search engine optimization, Google AdWords, website production and social media. Our vision is to help SMBs digitalize and grow their business online, as well as inspire more businesses to invest in digital marketing.

About Mono Solutions - Mono Solutions offers fully white label, tailored website solutions to digital service providers to empower small businesses online. The Mono Platform is a SaaS-based technology designed to create professional, data-driven websites at scale in the fastest and most cost-efficient way. With more than 70 partners globally, Mono helps ensure that small businesses are equipped with performance-driven websites that can serve as their proprietary hub to successfully drive business across the digital landscape.