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Jillian Als  |  19/09/2017

FCR Media Group launches on the Mono Platform in Belgium

September 19, 2017 / Copenhagen, DK - We are proud to announce a new partnership with FCR Media Belgium (formerly known as Truvo Belgium) that strengthens the relationship between Mono Solutions and the FCR Media Group.

“FCR Media Group continues to be one of our great partners delivering high quality website solutions to SMBs across the globe and particularly in Europe. We are greatly pleased with this new engagement in Belgium and look very much forward to be working with FCR Media Belgium as our new partner.” says Svenn Andersen, COO at Mono Solutions.


FCR Media Belgium chose Mono Solutions as the preferred website platform to replace their current platform in order to be able to deliver high-quality websites that drive results for the SMB in a profitable and effective way in the Belgian market. To provide their customers with fully responsive modern designed websites and to streamline operations, FCR Belgium will also be migrating their legacy sites.

The Mono Solutions platform has won several business excellence awards for its technology, design flexibility and automation capabilities. Built from an API-first philosophy, the structured data within the Mono platform offers ease of use for streamlined operations with such other value add services such as listings management that is easily integrated with any partner’s existing technology stack. This allows partners to better service their SMB customers with easy data synchronization that drives value and ROI - a factor that was critical for FCR Media Belgium.


“It was a decisive factor for us that the website platform of our choice included an easy API integration and we needed a platform that could deliver high quality on large scale. With the integration opportunities Mono provide and the fact that they offered the best platform available, there was really only one choice.” says Jochem Vermeiren, Product Manager at FCR Media Belgium.


About Mono Solutions - Mono Solutions offers fully white label, tailored website solutions to digital service providers to empower small businesses online. The Mono Platform is a SaaS-based technology designed to create professional, data-driven websites at scale in the fastest and most cost-efficient way. With more than 70 partners globally, Mono helps ensure that small businesses are equipped with performance-driven websites that can serve as their proprietary hub to successfully drive business across the digital landscape.

About FCR Media Group - FCR Media is a group of digital media companies facilitating commerce and relationships for businesses in Baltic States, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium and Uruguay. Via a highly trained workforce of 1200 employees, comprehensive database and well established brands, we are seeking to be the best provider of leads for small and medium size businesses in its markets.