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Line Nymand Juliussen  |  07/06/2017

Eniro launches to help Nordic SMBs drive online business

June 7, 2017 / Copenhagen, DK - To meet the demand for easily accessible, yet sophisticated business websites, Eniro has partnered with Mono Solutions whose award-winning technology enables Eniro to offer search engine-friendly and fully responsive websites at an attractive price.

Small businesses are struggling to grow their business online in the increasingly complex digital landscape. Many businesses find it hard to maintain more than a rudimentary online presence, and some don’t even have a website. For example, more than 17,000 Swedish restaurants and more than 4,000 Danish carpenters haven’t registered a website on Eniro’s widely used local search services.

To solve this challenge, Eniro has partnered with Mono Solutions (Mono) to offer professional websites that help SMBs engage easily with their customers online while making data management seamless.

“While most Nordic businesses have a website today, some still haven't gone online, and many SMBs struggle with maintaining more than a rudimentary and often outdated presence. With Mono’s website platform, we can now offer them an easy to handle, flexible solution that is automatically adapted for mobile use and search engine friendly. And by connecting the website to Eniro’s other products, we can make sure that the customer only needs to update their information in one place. That saves time and effort for the SMBs who can rely on Eniro as their natural digital marketing partner,” says Jens Beckemeier, Head of Partner Marketing Products at Eniro.

The website will be hosted at a domain of the customer’s choosing. The simplest solution available is a one-page business presentation that will ensure a professional online presence. From there, the customer can scale up the solution as needed, for example if they need to add more pages or other features to the domain.

“Eniro and Mono have always shared the vision of helping SMBs grow their business online. Recognizing the challenges they face today, together we saw the need to be able to offer an easy-to-manage solution that drives real business results. By leveraging Eniro’s robust customer data for efficient website creation on our platform, Eniro can offer such a solution at a price small businesses can afford. We look forward to helping Eniro scale their online presence offer for SMBs across the Nordic region.” says Tricia Score, Head of Global Sales at Mono Solutions.


About Mono Solutions - Mono Solutions, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, provides a SaaS-based platform for the design, delivery and management of professional, responsive websites and e-commerce at scale. Our business is founded on the belief that all SMBs, despite small budgets and lack of technical skills and design expertise, deserve the same level of website design and performance as larger companies. We believe the best way to support SMBs is through our reselling partners worldwide. Through our scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) website platform, our partners can leverage automation tools to transform their SMB data into professional websites in a fast and cost-efficient way. Mono Solutions has won several industry awards for innovation, presence management and best SMB service of the year.

About Eniro - Eniro is the local guide and the natural digital marketing partner for businesses in the Nordic region. With the best local knowledge and an engaging digital product portfolio, Eniro inspires local discoveries and makes local communities thrive. Eniro’s content is available through Internet and mobile services, directory assistance and SMS services. Each week the Eniro Group’s digital services have 8 million unique visitors who perform 14 million searches. The Eniro Group has about 1,600 employees and operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and headquartered in Stockholm.