Mono Cookie Consent

Mono Cookie Consent enables automated and future-proof GDPR and CCPA cookie compliance for small businesses.

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Future-proof cookie compliance

GDPR and CCPA compliant

Automated cookie compliance that stays up-to-date with changing legislation.

Website language detection

Mono Cookie Consent automatically displays the cookie banner in the selected website language.

Automatic cookie blocking

Mono Cookie Consent runs on proprietary patent-pending cookie categorization and auto-blocking technology.

 Dynamic declaration module

Add the new cookie declaration module to your privacy policy and remove the need for constant legal updates.

"Data protection is a great asset - cookie consent banners create trust among users and suggest a sense of responsibility by the website owner. You contribute to GDPR compliance and support your own reputation. That's why Schlütersche offers Mono Cookie Consent as an additional service for our customers."

Soline Bode

Product Manager

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  • Build and manage hundreds of customer websites from one central place with out easy no-code website builder & customer admin platform;
  • Add-on products such as Ecommerce+, Cookie Consent and more;
  • API-first platform that can plug into your data systems;
  • Option to migrate your existing sites to the Mono platform;
  • European business based in Copenhagen, Denmark



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