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U.S. freelancers:
A growing reseller resource

Covid-19 has accelerated a long-term global shift to freelancing. New research from Localogy and Mono Solutions conducted among U.S. freelancers explores how this independent workforce could be a stronger channel for digital solutions providers.

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Untapped possibilities

The long-term global shift to freelancing, much of it serving the SME market, has been accelerated by Covid; paving the way for untapped possibilities for freelancers, SMEs, and digital solutions providers.

Whether helping their SME clients file taxes, acquire leads, or build new websites, freelancers are interesting, under-utilized candidates for software companies looking to increase sales.

Freelancers themselves are small business owners and naturally tend to resell software that they use for their client work; providing a strong position for freelancers to recommend software solutions to clients who rely on their expertise.

U.S. freelancers: Three key findings 

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American freelancers use a variety of sources to generate leads for their business. While word of mouth reigns supreme when generating leads, it works best when supported by a strong digital presence. 83% of U.S. freelancers have a business website, 70% have a business social media presence, and 57% use a blog. 

61% of U.S. freelancers are willing to create DIY content for their business social media pages, whereas only 38% are willing to make updates to their websites themselves. Creating DIY content for newsletters and blogs follow at 35% and 34%, respectively. American freelancers are generally less inclined to create content themselves and need additional help with e-commerce, online booking, online courses and e-books.

U.S. freelancers not only need help with creating content for their digital presence, they also need help to get the word out through marketing campaigns. From the surveyed freelancers, the majority were unwilling to run marketing campaigns themselves showing a need for more DIWM and DIFM options for these freelancers. 

The freelancer landscape

Freelancer's use of marketing technology

Freelancers and software

The Freelance Channel - A Growing Reseller Resource

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Clear generational differences

The report reveals clear generational differences amongst U.S. freelancers in regards to the type of work freelancers are likely to do, how a freelancer started with independent work, how freelancers generate leads, what type of business content and marketing strategies freelancers are likely to use, how willing a freelancer is to DIY content and marketing campaigns, how satisfied a freelancer is with independent work, and how willing a freelancer would be to return to a full-time position.

Overall, more than half (52%) say freelancing meets their overall goals.

Key findings of the American freelancer survey

Localogy and Mono Solutions fielded an online survey among 298 freelancers in the United States. The survey’s objective was to learn more about what motivates freelancers to choose independent work over more secure full-time employment and how freelancers operate their businesses and how well their freelance life supports their goals.

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