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How to activate SME cookie compliance

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Website cookies are a core component of data privacy regulations worldwide - including Europe's GDPR and California's CCPA. Yet it is still difficult convincing small businesses to take the time to understand data privacy and manage cookies and end-user consent in a legally compliant way.
We recognise this as a pain point for website providers, so we've teamed up with Cookiebot by Usercentrics to address the topic of data compliance and provide tactics and resources to help encourage and activate your small business customers into using an automated data compliance solution.

In this webinar, Mono's Head of Sales, Peter Karstensen, and Julius Schulze-Berge, Strategic Partnership Lead from the team behind Cookiebot, will address the technology behind our Mono Cookie Consent solution, why it is needed, and how to address SME objections to cookie compliance.
This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Introducing web privacy​
  • Mono Cookie Consent overview
  • Product USPs & key features for your SME customers​
  • How to handle SME objections​ to cookie compliance
  • How to get Mono Cookie Consent for your SME customers
Peter Karstensen

Peter Karstensen

Head of Sales
at Mono Solutions

Julius Schulze-Berge

Julius Schulze-Berge

Strategic Partnership Lead 

at Cookiebot by Usercentrics