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Email Marketing for small businesses

Mono Email Marketing allows small businesses to deliver targeted campaigns and newsletters to their customers.

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Delight with
targeted emails

Finally, email marketing to help SMEs build customer relationships with targeted campaigns.

Mono Email Marketing integrates with Mono Customers for list creation and user automated engagement tracking.

The art of meaningful communication

Combined with Mono Customers, small business owners can leverage their intimate knowledge of customers to build a truly effective and consistent email marketing strategy.

Email as a sales tool

Small businesses can now easily build sales campaigns centered around their email marketing strategy.

Manage relationships

Manage customer relationships with Mono Customers. All campaign-related activity is fed back into the user activity stream and customer email lists can be managed via user groups.

Powerful features

Targeted campaigns

Create and manage user groups in Mono Customers and send targeted email campaigns.

Branded email marketing

Add eye catching graphics to email campaigns to reflect the business's brand identity or campaign content.

Send test emails

Send a test version of email campaigns to see how it looks in a customer's inbox, before sending to a wider audience.

Predesigned layouts

Choose from a variety of templates based on the type of communication you want to send out.

Layouts to fit your content

Customize and personalize the email layout to create a campaign that truly represents the business.

Easy-to-use interface

Build a beautiful campaign in no time with the help of Mono’s intuitive interface, even without any prior experience.

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