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street fight summit west 2018 


yes, websites still matter

We're excited to meet you at Street Fight Summit West 2018 in Los Angeles!

At Mono, we believe that the company website is still the most consistent and proprietary source of data for a small business. The Mono Platform empowers digital service providers with a unique opportunity to leverage SMB data to make data-rich websites that are not only optimized for traditional search, but also local and voice search. Want to know more about how to leverage SMB data? 

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OUR TEAM AT street fight
summit west 2018 

matt matergia

Director of Business Development

Helping us expand our global business, Matt takes a hands-on approach in getting to know everything about our business. For anyone looking to get started with the Mono Platform, Matt can tell you why it’s the best strategic move for your company.

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anders dehn

Product Manager

Taking our technology to the next level, Anders ensures that the development of the powerful Mono Platform is always at the forefront of the latest technology. Anders's focus is to make Mono the best platform for SMBs now, and in the future. 

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the MONO platform

All the features you need to build a robust platform for SMB online presence.

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