Generate more revenue with mono

This fall, why not look at expanding your revenue streams with the help of mono? We have some new and exciting features that offer the opportunity to increase revenue of existing customers and expand your customer base in general.

SSL Certificates 

As a mono partner you can soon conveniently sell SSL certificates through mono as an add-on product. SSL certificates give SMBs the benefit of better SEO and more secure sites. Google has recently announced that SSL certificates will be increasingly used as a SEO ranking signal going forward. Selling SSL certificates as an odd-on gives you the opportunity to increase value to end-customers and your top line. 

Call Tracking 

Call tracking is another great add-on product that can raise the average spend of existing customers. mono will soon provide FreeSpee call tracking numbers for mono sites at very market competitive prices. As a partner you can resell these to existing customers to help them measure and understand the value of their online presence. This product is both relevant in relation to websites, landing pages and ad-campaign products in your portfolio (such as Google AdWords, display ads etc.). 

Landing Pages 

Landing pages sell well when bundled with SEM products. mono offers outstanding landing page features to build highly converting, commercial landing pages. Furthermore, your mono landing pages can benefit from such features as dynamic call track number insertion (without reverse proxy) and campaign analytics. 

Self Service (DIY) Offering 

Drive qualified leads and additional revenue to your existing DIFM-product by launching a Self Service portal. With access to existing marketing channels you could drive traffic to a self-service offering and then up sell DIFM services (e.g. SEM, SEO and fulfillment services in general). This will allow you to reach a broader audience and find a whole new stream of leads and revenue.

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We'd love to chat through all the exciting opportunties available. Contact Svenn Andersen - Product Director.

Svenn Andersen

Product Director

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