JUNE 18 2015

It’s official. Mono V5 is production ready!  Enjoy ultimate design freedom combined with lightning-fast performance in the market’s most intuitive interface. You can start building sites today using Mono V5 and this post explores just exactly what you can expect, that is if words could do it justice.

Watch the video to see it for yourself!


V5 gives you the power to design truly customized websites at scale without ever needing to touch the CSS itself. All features of V5 are built to make website building easy with infinite design and build combinations. Most importantly, V5 takes a 'no compromise approach' to site speed, SEO, responsiveness, and overall code. 


V5 gives you the flexibility to design websites without worrying about template constraints or having to manipulate CSS code. Build any site you can imagine using a twelve-unit grid system consisting of rows, columns and modules. The combinations are endless but V5 also includes commonly grouped modules for efficient site building.  

With V5 we’re introducing Global Styling and it’s a game changer.

  • Control all style elements of rows, columns and modules including spacing, borders, backgrounds and typography
  • Define these styling elements by clicking and dragging your mouse, without ever touching the CSS code itself
  • See design and style changes directly in the editor in real time as you adjust the settings
  • All style settings can be exported or imported for efficient site production

Edit styling of individual rows, columns or modules locally if you like but the power of Global Styling allows fulfillment teams to quickly produce beautiful websites completely customized for the user.


Everyone talks the talk, but V5 actually walks the walk when it comes to offering the absolute best tools for SEO. Out of the box Mono V5 offers the ultimate on-page SEO package. 

  • In-tool SEO Health Check
  • Minified HTML and CSS
  • In-domain assets
  • Extensive microdata (which can be edited centrally)
  • True responsive design for ultimate mobile-friendliness
  • Extremely fast load times

In fact, Mono V5 sites smash Google’s speed test at 99% with the only mark taken being for Google’s own analytics script.  The bottom line is, SEO is something we take very seriously.


We built Mono V5 to revolutionize the business of selling online presence to SMBs, allowing our partners to offer SMBs the best websites, unique to their business, be it in a DIY, DIWM or pure DIFM model. Specifically for DIFM and DIWM models, the V5 platform features great tools for fulfillment teams.

  • Cross-session roll-backs mean that if a customer makes a mistake, you can roll that back, up to 30 sessions ago
  • Define and manage user rights for custom fulfillment flows so that a copy writer doesn’t suddenly make unexpected changes in design
  • Control all NAP and other crucial business data centrally so as companies update their opening hours or other business crucial information, it only need be updated one place

The V5 platform supports all go to market models and more importantly makes the transition between them seamless. This gives service providers the power and flexibility to offer a solution to SMBs no matter where they are on their online presence journey so they never have to lose a customer.


As always, Mono takes an API-first approach to website building at scale. The V5 editor is no exception. 

  • Quickly build websites based on existing customer data
  • Migrate existing websites completely 1:1 if you like, or simply just take the content and migrate it into beautiful V5 design
  • Leverage our integrations with other industry-leading online presence solutions within fulfillment, domains, SEO, SEM, online booking, call tracking and more

The strength of the Mono API combined with the power of V5 gives our partners with an unparalleled platform for selling online presence at scale.  


To learn more about the specifics of Mono V5, visit and be sure to check back regularly as it just keeps getting better with new features being added often. 

If you’re ready to get stared, request a demo and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quick introduction and get you set up with a demo account so you can experience the power of V5 for yourself! 


Svenn Andersen

Product Director

Mono Solutions