Press release:
mono enters the US market

Building on a strong leadership position in Europe and South East Asia, mono solutions has made the decision to enter the US market. Leading the effort will be Eric Owen, a well-known industry contributor and most recently the VP of Digital Strategy and Business Development at The Berry Company.  

“Eric has extensive experience in business development and partner management, with an ideal background in product and the local digital media space. We are really excited about having Eric on board to lead our US entry” says Louise Lachmann, CEO of mono solutions, “and believe that he will be an exceptional resource to partners as we build our US presence.”

Expanding on mono’s mission, Louise continues: “From the very beginning, the goal of mono has been to empower small businesses with a professional website. At the same time we acknowledge that a large number of theses businesses needs help to get it. That’s why we have chosen a partner model working with some of the largest players in the local media space. The key to success for our partners lies not in providing one customer with one great website but providing thousands of great looking professional websites for all their customers. We therefore provide not only a state-of-the-art website platform to build a website (DIY) but also all the administration tools to build and manage thousands of websites leveraging on our partner’s existing customer data in a Do-It-For-Me model (DIFM). This model has proven to be very efficient and makes it easy for our partners to engage in a dialogue with their customers positioning them as a trusted digital advisor.

“For the past 12 months we have been working hard to understand the unique needs of the US market” says Rasmus Kjaergaard, Head of mono Global Sales. Rasmus continues, “We are very excited about the opportunity in the US and we intend to hire a number of positions to handle both sales and partner development over the coming months. Our goal is to build a US team that is just as very strong and focused on supporting our partners in their endeavours to become preferred suppliers of digital advertising services to SMB’s”. 

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Louise Lachmann

Chief Executive Officer


Mono Solutions