The growing importance of responsive design and mobile commerce

Mobile use is an integral part of the everyday life of the consumer. Mobile Marketing Association suggests that, on average, a smartphone user checks their phone 150-200 times per day. Not only has smartphone-driven web traffic increased by 62% year-over-year but mobile commerce (m-commerce) revenue has also seen an increase of 141%, according to eMarketer. SMBs ought to be getting a piece of this pie and there is a big opportunity here for SMBs to embrace mobile optimization to increase sales.

Today, only 5.4% of SMB websites have e-commerce capabilities, leaving a huge opportunity to help SMBs tap into new revenue streams. The best way for SMBs to capitalize on the real m-commerce opportunity is to invest in a e-commerce enabled responsive website.

Why responsive m-commerce?

Responsive websites are first and foremost easier to maintain than other mobile optimization techniques, a crucial element for an SMB short on resources. Adding a shop into the mix makes the need for simplicity and integrated online presence paramount. Secondly, and equally important for any size company, it helps search engines index content better and more frequently.

Simply put, responsive design is the easiest way to ensure an online shop renders in the user-friendliest manner, no matter the screen size. The numbers don’t lie, either. Family-run business, Skinny Ties saw a 44% increase in mobile revenue after moving to responsive design. There is a real potential for SMBs to tap into new revenue streams if they're not already selling online or to increase conversions if not already using a responsive m-commerce solution. 

How to build the best responsive m-commerce websites

    1. Accessibility – It is an absolute must for consumers to be able to access content from their mobile device. An SMB’s website ought to be truly responsive in order to achieve better mobile search results to attract new customers and existing customers alike.
    2. Engagement – Once a consumer has landed on the mobile-optimized site it’s imperative to keep them engaged with the content. Special offers, shown only to mobile viewers (Read: Responsive m-commerce with Mono) can be a helpful way to keep a consumer engaged. It’s worth emphasizing again that responsive design ensures that all m-commerce functions are automatically optimized for the screen size, making engagement and interaction easy for the user.
    3. Relevancy – It might seem like a no-brainer but making sure the content is relevant to what the user is looking for is crucial for conversion. This could be as simple as adding local information (which also helps search optimization) for the product/service or offering the user alternative ways to purchase. For example using the visitor’s current location to give them directions to the nearest store, listing the company phone number or providing business hours can all be very helpful to increase conversion.

Consumers on the go are looking for a fast and convenient way to accomplish their goals. Providing them with a mobile shop that is easy to access, relevant for what they are looking for and simple to use is all they need to reach those goals and SMBs should be able to provide such experiences. eMarketer predicts that m-commerce sales will only continue to grow, projecting that mobile retail sales will reach $34.8 billion by 2018. The benefits of having a great mobile site are endless and it is an avenue that SMBs should be prioritizing in their marketing strategies.


Building m-commerce enabled websites with the Mono platform offers unique opportunities to enhance the consume experience and increase online conversion for SMBs. With Mono, content can be customized across different device sizes, making for an even more flexible, responsive experience. Add phone numbers higher up on the page to increase phone calls, or feature more mobile-friendly products while hiding other elements to create a clean mobile-optimized product page.

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Jillian Als

Global Marketing Manager

Mono Solutions