Whether looking to offer digital products and services for the first time or to increase focus on digital sales, it’s crucial to consider the customer first. DTG in The Netherlands, what once was a traditional yellow page company, provides a great example of how offering the ‘right’ digital product mix makes for more satisfied customers. But how can a company define the ‘right’ digital product mix for their customers? And how can it increase customer satisfaction?

“Transitioning a traditional yellow page company into a digital company is not easy. But we don’t need to make it hard on our customers too” says Erik Hoekstra, CEO of DTG. Hoekstra, who has a proven record in transitioning companies from print to online, joined DTG early in 2014. “When I joined DTG I realized that we hadn’t done a good enough job in listening to our customers’ needs. Rather we assumed a lot of things and made it really complicated for our customers to buy what they really wanted from us.”

DTG strives to be a fast follower of global trends and a local leader by delivering proven online presence solutions to Dutch SMBs. Today online sales have taken over print sales. In fact, 70% of DTG’s business is digital and they are actively preparing for a pure digital strategy for a few years from now. With these ambitions in mind, DTG asked a large number of their customers directly what they would expect from a partner like DTG in terms of digital products and services. 


The results of their customer survey helped DTG define a few products that were relevant for their customer base.  So instead of getting carried away making an extensive Chinese á la carte menu, DTG decided to offer services that were relevant for a large proportion of the SMB market and no niche products. The product portfolio they developed based on this feedback consisted of three core products: websites, online profile services and Google AdWords.

Specifically regarding feedback around websites, their SMB customers were quite clear. They wanted websites that looked great, had modern design with the option to update the website themselves. For this, DTG partnered with mono solutions to deliver a website platform that allowed them to deliver the level of design their customers required, but also created sites that performed well in SEO and conversion in order to retain customers in the long run. 


"For us as an online marketing service company good customer ratings are key. NPS provides us with objective feedback on our performance. The mono platform allows us to deliver quality websites. Combined with the skills of our web designers and copywriters, this results in a huge NPS increase," says Erik Hoekstra.

In the end success is gained by the best possible combination of the right products for an SMB, the right platforms to deliver these products and a dedicated sales team that is eager and proud to deliver the products they sell.  DTG has managed the balance of all these efforts very well and continue to see success in offering online presence products for many years to come.

Jillian Als

Global Marketing Manager

Mono Solutions