photos from #mono10yearS

There were lots of great photos taken during the evening both on and off the red carpet. We put a few of the best in a gallery to share with you - if you’d like any of the photos just let us know! 

Welcome speech


10 years ago David, Renè and I set out to help small businesses get a professional website. Coming from an agency background and from a country which at the time had the highest affinity of content management systems per inhabitant we figured that if we could just make an interface simple enough so that even my mum could build her own website then we had solved the problem.

On August 24th 2007 we got on national TV being introduced as the most user friendly tool on the market to easily and affordable build your own website. Soon we got tens of thousands of sign ups - but we realized that user friendliness wasn't gonna solve the problem alone because small businesses are busy - and when they finish after a long day of work cutting hair, doing the plumbing, serving us coffee - (and a big thank you goes to Tue who serves us coffee every day and also is here tonight serving us coffee) - they don't want to spend time building a website.

So we realized that to accomplish our vision we needed to find partners that want to help small businesses getting online and who share our vision of empowering small businesses in the digital landscape.

Today we are a 100% partner driven, we work with some of the largest digital service providers globally. We have had more than 500,000 small businesses sign up for a website and today it is not just about the website - the website will remain the online domain for a small business but it also serves as the foundation for online engagement in the many channels where they meet their customers online and in social media.

We are just at the beginning of the digital explosion for small businesses - small businesses make up for more than 99% of all registered businesses and we are exited to be on this journey helping them realize their potential online.

But we couldn't have done any of this without the continuous support of our families, all the Mono folks - our Mono family, 
our board and definitely not without our partners - a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you for sharing our dream. 

Cheers to a great night - I hope you get to mingle and 'hygge' and if you don't know what that means just ask a Dane, it's a must do being in Denmark.