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Product Challenge

You’ve recently joined Mono Solutions, and the Product Director has asked you to take a look at the way Mono products are sold and how we could increase sales.


Mono Solutions powers the websites of hundreds of thousands of micro to medium-sized businesses around the globe. Through a select set of 80+ resellers, Mono Solutions provide a white-label SaaS platform where small businesses can manage their web presence from a single easy-to-use application. In addition to websites, Mono Solutions provides solutions for online booking, CRM, e-commerce, blog and email marketing.

You work with a small team of two engineers and designers, and your goal is to help resellers grow sales of Mono Products and drive more revenue for Mono — all with the end goal of helping small businesses engaging with their customers online.

You’ve talked to a few resellers — an old-school yellow page company and a hosting company — and you suspect that to grow sales you will need to influence how the hundreds of sales reps (employed by the resellers) approach their tele-sales, as well as help the resellers invent new cost-effetive channels.

To help Mono products reach more small businesses, you want to convince your boss that we should invest in stellar solutions to these problems with our resellers. The Product Director is very excited, but wants to know more about what challenges you’d like to solve and how. You’ve been asked to put together a brief of a few pages outlining your thinking.

The task

Write a brief outlining what challenges you see and how you’re planning to approach solving them. Include, but don’t limit yourself to:

  • Value propositions for the user roles involved
  • A fake future press release for TechCrunch outlining how your product was received
  • A plan for validation of the challenges
  • A plan for driving adoption of your product amongst resellers

This is a pretend exercise and you’re free to make up any data you need to support your claims. Questions can be directed to Product Director, Alette Holmberg-Nielsen at