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Backend Developer


Who are we?

Mono Solutions powers the websites of 130.000+ micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses globally. We’re founded on the belief that all small businesses — despite smaller budgets — deserve the same level of online presence and performance as their larger competitors. Mono Solutions is part of SME services at Bauer Media Group.


Why do we need you?

In the last six months, Mono Solutions has been going through a transition from being a founder-led company to a professional business with the products and technology at the center. We’re looking for one or more skilled backend developers to join our engineering teams and take the backend reins for a big product suite. We won’t lie, there is a mountain of legacy to deal with, but you get to call the shots together with your colleagues. If you are someone people enjoy working with, driven and like a challenge, this is a job with a ton of freedom to do the right things and responsibility towards a lot of customers.


Here is specifically what we need you to do

  • Take charge of developing, improving, and maintaining our backend systems
  • Maintain and improve our APIs.
  • Take ownership of our APIs and reseller-facing interface.
  • Work as part of an agile team (we’re not religious about scrum, though)
  • Help build technical roadmaps with our engineering leads


Skills needed

  • Experience in developing high-traffic systems
  • Excellent communication skills to both technical & non-technical people
  • Know your way around databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Experience working with the following or similar technologies: Docker, AWS Cloud Services, Vue, NodeJS, and PHP


Impact you’ll have

You will directly impact 130.000+ micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses’ ability to thrive online. Those businesses could be your local flow shop, coffee pusher or hair dresser. Here is a few real life examples: The Finnish Cinema, lawyers in Norway, and Danish meal boxes.

You will also directly impact our 10+ engineers’ work day and satisfaction with what they do. We want everyone to feel fulfilled and content when their work day is done and you will play a key role in fostering that and removing impediments.


What you’ll get

Mono Solutions may not be the fastest-growing next unicorn adventure in Copenhagen, but we care deeply about our employees, our customers and the businesses we serve.

We strive to build the best possible every day for ourselves and that for instance means:

  • You’ll have the time to do things right (faster is not always better)
  • You’ll make a lot of decisions (we’re small team and the best argument wins)
  • You can work from wherever you want (at lot of us love working from home, but we also like each other and try to work in the office once a week or so)
  • You can learn by doing (if you need help, we’ll get that)
  • You can build and host websites for your friends or favorite local coffee shop for free (we believe eating our own dog food and drinking our own champagne is priceless)
  • Lastly, kids are the apples of our eyes and we’re truly family friendly (need to pick up early? or work while a sick kid naps? No problem. We also have up to 29 weeks of paid leave for moms and 11 for dads)


Reach out to Engineering Lead Christopher Lassen at, if you have any questions. We’re currently located at Hejrevej 30, 2400 Copenhagen NV.

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